Win a DSLR camera!

I am so thrilled to be joining up with some of my fellow teacher bloggers to be bringing you this amazing giveaway.  If you've ever had an interest in getting a "good" camera, then this is your chance. I actually have this exact camera and it's pretty amazing. I must admit that I don't yet know how to use it to its fullest potential, but that's on my summer to-do list.

Check out these prizes!

 1. A Canon DSLR T5 Camera:
 2. An additional 50mm lens - great for those blurred background bokeh effects:
3. This super adorable JoTotes camera bag to haul it all around!

The combined value for this prize package is $655! Be patient when you enter because to bring you a prize this big, lots of us joined forces. There are quite a few of us collaborating on this one, but you only need to follow each of us in ONE way, so not too bad. And seriously, with an awesome prize like this, it's worth a few clicks! The contest ends in one week, so you have until next sunday 6/28 to enter. Good Luck!

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  1. Just wanted to let you know that the link to Primary Press FB page is wonky. When you click it, it goes to an oversized version of the FB page. I tried reloading it twice, but it did it every time. I was able to like the page, but had to look for the like button. Just wanted to let you know :D


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