Shakin' Things up Again!

Just poppin in for a quick minute to share my latest Shaker! If you've just joined us recently, take a gander at this post about my Synonym Shaker. <--That post will explain the project a little more in depth including how to dye the rice, which I find to be very cool!

The latest one is called Exploring Antonyms. You can download the freebie {HERE}

Have fun shakin' things up!



  1. I love you, I love you!! Thank you a million times! I love the synonym shaker and this one is awesome as well! God bless you 100-fold!


    Stapler’s Strategies for Sizzlin' Second Graders!

  2. I love this! I also have the antonym one. Are you planning on making any more of these? Like rhyming words, compound words, etc.? Maybe some math ones? I would definitely love to have more! Maybe even some in your tpt store? Thanks, Shelia

  3. Just found these on Pinterest... THANKS FOR SUCH A FUN FREEBIE! I love the label too... how cute is this! As a homeschooling mom I love finding fun hands on teaching tools (we were just outside throwing bean bags on Syn. and Ant. these will be fun to do (I'm already on it) hopefully the rice will be dry by tomorrow!

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