I am so thrilled to be joining up with some of my fellow teacher bloggers to be bringing you this amazing giveaway.  If you've ever had an interest in getting a "good" camera, then this is your chance. I actually have this exact camera and it's pretty amazing. I must admit that I don't yet know how to use it to its fullest potential, but that's on my summer to-do list.

Check out these prizes!

 1. A Canon DSLR T5 Camera:
 2. An additional 50mm lens - great for those blurred background bokeh effects:
3. This super adorable JoTotes camera bag to haul it all around!

The combined value for this prize package is $655! Be patient when you enter because to bring you a prize this big, lots of us joined forces. There are quite a few of us collaborating on this one, but you only need to follow each of us in ONE way, so not too bad. And seriously, with an awesome prize like this, it's worth a few clicks! The contest ends in one week, so you have until next sunday 6/28 to enter. Good Luck!

It's Wish List Wednesday again! Already! Geeze Louise, where does the time go in the summer? Well, for us, it was mostly spent shuffling the cars in for routine maintenance that turned into costly repairs. I HATE when that happens, but what can you do. Gotta be safe on the road, right?

So I'm just popping in today because I promised to keep up with Wish List Wednesday. And I really, truly believe in this product. I've been using Weekly Word Work for years in my classroom and I see HUGE gains by the end of the year. If you're NOT using CCSS, don't let the title scare you. The correlation is not on the product itself anywhere, but there is a separate chart for you that lists the skills if you need to document them in your plans. 

I have this product for first, second, third, and fourth grades and they all follow the same basic format. Each covers a defined set of skills that are presented in the same format for the entire year. At the beginning of the year, I do a few questions each day with my students so that by the end of the week we've finished the whole week's work (one double sided page).  By the end of the first quarter, they are pretty much ready to complete it on their own. It's such a versatile resource - I've used it for morning work, Daily Five word work, homework, and independent work.  I do have some resources posted around the room that they can use to help them when they run into a skill they're not totally independent with yet. For us that always seems to be plurals and possessives. 

By tackling the skills like this, you are really front loading them and pre-teaching. I love when it comes time to actually focus on a skill, like possessives, for example, and they pretty much already know it because of the exposure from Weekly Word Work!

So, for today's Wish List Wednesday, I'm linking up with Jen at Teacher by the Beach and offering each of my Weekly Word Work sets at 20% off, that's a saving of $4 on each set.  The discount will be in effect until this Friday 6/19.  To see each set in more detail, just click on the images below and check out the previews on TpT.  

Hey friends! It's been a while, huh? I'm sure you all know why. I had a case of early onset end of the year craziness, but it is now SWEET SUMMATIME and my blogging mojo is starting to surface once again.

Just popping in today to link up with my friend Jenn over at Teacher by the Beach for Wish List Wednesday. Each Wednesday this summer, I'll be highlighting one of my most wish listed items and offering it a discount for those of you who may want to snag it. 

Today is my number one wish listed item, my Word Work Literacy Center. This happens to also be one of my best sellers. What I love about this center is that you can use it all year long with any set of books or reading materials you're using. Just choose a card or two based on what skill you're currently working on and set it out with a book and done! Differentiating center work is super easy because each student can work on the same skill while using a book that is just right for them.

The set includes a teacher information card, answer sheets for the kids, and 40 specific word work task cards. They're also pretty easy on the ol' printer ink as they contain no unnecessary graphics.

Click here to grab this center today for $2.50 which is about 30% off the original price, but go quickly,  it's only on sale until Friday!

If there's a product of mine on your wish list, let me know in the comments and you may just see it highlighted and on sale real soon!
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