Turkey Time

I spent the better part of last night looking for a November bulletin board idea that I could implement with the quickness today. I cruised around Pinterest for a bit and found the cutest things, but nothing that I could easily whip together and get on the board in a flash. ( I have GOT to start planning these boards better!)

I ended up doing this which was kind of inspired by some cute things on Pinterest, but without the need to gather a bunch of construction paper, glue, pipe cleaners, lunch bags, or heaven forbid - glitter!
The title really should be bigger - but it says "Save a Turkey, Eat Some..."

It's up and it's cute enough for me! (That sounds familiar...)
We talked about the poor turkeys and how they probably don't love Thanksgiving. Then we brainstormed some foods that the turkeys might suggest people eat instead of turkey. After each student settled on one, we wrote the food on the ribbon, drew it under the glass dome - color and cut and finito!

Download the pattern {HERE} if you're also having a troubling time tackling a turkey tribute today.

Gobble Gobble!



  1. Cute bulletin board! I have been trying to get some stuff up since conferences are next week. I think I will have borrow your idea! Thanks!!

  2. this would be cute with the story "the great turkey race" (which I read to my kids yesterday)... I think I will do this as a follow-up tomorrow and put it up for parent teacher conferences! THANKS :)


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