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I recently had the very good fortune to be contacted by MPM School Supplies. They offered to let me choose some free items from their site if, in return, I would share my experiences with you. How could I say no to that?

I actually was not familiar with the company, so I immediately checked their website and found it to be clean and user-friendly. As I looked around, I got that excited feeling only another teacher would understand. All of the bulletin board patterns, games, office supplies and classroom decorations just do something to a teacher that doesn't seem to happen to other people. Know what I mean? You do. I know...

I chose a few things that I knew I would need this year and then I even added on to my order above the amount they gave me to shop because I just couldn't resist. One of the items I purchased was a jingo game. I had actually borrowed one from another teacher a while ago and always intended to buy my own, but I never saw them around. Jingo is like Bingo, but instead of just calling out a word, you read a question and have the kids try to answer. The answer is what they cover on the card. It's a lot more interactive and academic than a regular Bingo game. I chose Thanksgiving Jingo, but I'm seriously considering going back for some others.

The customer service was exceptional at MPM. A day after I placed my order online, I received a phone call to confirm my address. My package arrived just a few days later! When I opened the box, I was actually happy to see newspaper was used as the cushioning material instead of styrofoam peanuts or those air-filled bags. Besides being easier to get to my actual purchase, it was nice to just toss the newspaper into the recycling bin. Everything survived the trip beautifully.

I also found a little postcard in the package informing me that a portion of my purchase was being donated to a children's charity. How nice is that?

So, was I happy with my shopping experience at MPM? Absolutely. Will I be a return customer? Without a doubt. 

Check them out for yourself here.

Be well, my friends. I've been super glued to my computer working on a very exciting project that I'm thisclose to being able so share with you!



  1. I've never heard of MPM before but I'm heading on over to check them out. I really love the idea that they ship with newspaper. Thanks so much for the review.
    ✰ Stacy

    Simpson Superstars

  2. I love MPM!! They are my new favorite school supply store! They are very reasonable. I have a big shipment coming in very soon! :)
    Learning Is Something to Treasure

  3. Another blogger wrote about them recently and I bought some items. LOVED the newspaper! Very Eco-friendly and shipping was super quick.

  4. What a great find!

    While I'm here... just wanted to pass the word about something I'm doing to help a fellow teacher blogger! Her son has leukemia and I'm starting a hat drive. Since your blog is so popular, I thought maybe you could help spread the word? If not, no big deal! :) Still LOVE your blog!


  5. Hi Denise!

    We're super excited that you had a great experience with MPM! Thanks so much for participating and taking the time to share your thoughts. Your enthusiasm for new teacher supplies makes me smile. While I'm not a teacher {my preschool class once a week at church doesn't count! lol}, I HAVE been a student and I know that little giddy feeling that comes with brand new notebooks, colorful pens/highlighters, PLANNERS, and all the other fun school supplies that each new year brings. If I were a teacher, I fear I would have little restraint! :)

    Have a lovely summer and good luck next school year!

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