Ready for Back to School?

No, me neither. In fact, here's a reminder about summer...

I'm nowhere near ready to go back, but I did just finish up my August and September Printable Pack! Last October I had the idea of making seasonal printables for each month so that I always had a nice collection of activities at the ready for things like unplanned absences, homework, morning work, center supplements, early finisher work, and those times when you just need the kids to have something to do on their own for a few minutes so you could catch your breath <--I mean we've all been there, right?

Since I had that bright idea back in October, I scrambled each month to have the next pack ready by the start of the next month. Which meant that most of the time, I was totally confused because instead of focusing on the current month, I was obsessing over the month ahead. I do strange things to myself. Now I'm happy to say I have ALL of the months completed! <insert chorus of angels singing here> I've had numerous requests to bundle them, but alas, I won't be able to because the file sizes are just too large.

I have to say, this pack might be my favorite. So much so, that I'm going to go back and update some of the older packs to bump them up to the standards of this one. I will do that before the end of the summer. So here's my newest baby! It's full of back to school, get to know you, seasonal, grade appropriate printables. Almost every page has CCSS standards for grades 1, 2, or 3 right on the upper corner if you need that for your plans.
You can check it out on TpT here. In case you missed it, I also uploaded a second set of EZ Prep See-it Centers. I chose bowling and a day in the park because I thought they'd both work well for back to school or even if you were working with kids in a summer program. You can find those here.
I'm currently working on my Calendar Center task cards for August and September so they can be all be finished for the full year. I will have those ready in the next day or two and I believe I'll be able to bundle those. yay! As soon as those are finished, I'm back to work full steam ahead on my Common Core Essentials packs so I can have most of those done before the year starts... Whew! I'm going to need a break from my summer break!


  1. The same thing happened to me when I started creating monthly morning work packets last summer!! I was so glad when I finally finished May, and I promised myself that I would never do that to myself again!!!

    The Daily Alphabet

  2. Seriously between going to Texas AND finishing these packets you are one busy, busy gal. These units look FANTASTIC. . . PINNING. I just gave your blog a shout out this past Saturday for being one of my superhero bloggers and you are living up to that title. If you have time, I would love for you to click on over to check out the post. Keep rockin' it out girl.
    ✰ Stacy

    Simpson Superstars

  3. Dude . . . you just said the "S" WORD!!!! Your new pack looks fantab as usual my friend. Merry 4th!

  4. Oh how I wish you taught 1st! All of your stuff is just so GOOD! I am so happy I found your blog! :)

  5. Your energy and dedication amaze me. The printables for August and September are in my shopping cart for the next time I purchase. I may just have to wait for the task cards. And I have already purchased the two essential packs and love them. Cannot wait to see the rest! Thank you for all you do. You make my job and life easier!


  6. everything you make is amazing! I am *almost* excited to go back to school, JUST so I can use all your fun items :)


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