Linky Dinky Do!

I think you're pretty awesome too, Ella.
     Learning with Mrs. Parker is having a Linky Party! Even though I was not 100% sure what that was, I wanted to join. Who can pass up a party? If I do this right, I'll be linking up with our host and others to share some ways that teachers are being appreciated this week. Right up my alley - great way to spread some sunshine! As teachers we are navigating some rough waters lately. Here's hoping that, at least in some small way, you find a little sparkle of true appreciation from those who really matter - not the politicians, not the nasty people who comment online, not those ignorant of what our profession truly entails, but by the parents and children whose lives you impact more than you can imagine.

So, here's my linky goodness. 
How can you have a bad day when this is how it starts?
Click here to visit Mrs. Parker's party!

Seems my room moms have taken a hint from Oprah!
Today's favorite thing was my usual from Starbucks :)

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  1. Thanks for joining. Seems like you have some very thoughtful room moms. I love the letter. It's beautiful.


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