Welcome to the Boehm Depot!

Inspiration can strike in the strangest place, like Home Depot for instance. I'm not always a huge fan this "stinky boy store" as I affectionately call it (Sears earns this distinction too. I don't really love smelling tires while shopping for some new clothes). Mostly because a trip there means doing something I'd rather not, like unclogging a drain, replacing some electrical thingamajig or staring at fourteen thousand air conditioner filters until we find the right one.  This time we were actually there to get the paint for my bulletin boards, so I was in a little better frame of mind. On the way out I saw a bulletin board meant to recognize the accomplishments of the employees and though the board itself needed some serious teacher decorating skills, it had THE cutest itty bitty real Home Depot orange aprons tacked onto it. They were perfect newborn size! In fact, if I actually had a newborn, that bulletin board may have been short one apron by the time I was in my car.

I thought about those aprons and then it hit me. How had I never thought of this before? My name, Boehm, rhymes with home. My welcome back board was suddenly a no brainer! Welcome to the Boehm Depot!

I contemplated asking for some of those cute aprons for my board but decided instead to turn to my trusty Cricut electronic cutting machine. I used the Everyday Paper Dolls cartridge and cut orange aprons from the chef kid's accessories. I actually wish I would have made the aprons bigger. I set it to cut them at 8 inches and then left the room. When I came back, they were a lot smaller than I thought they'd be, but it was already midnight so I made my peace with the mini-aprons and went to sleep. The sign for the board was just created in Pages (I'm a Mac) using a big orange square and a font called Stencil. A friend game me the canvas apron and I stuffed it with random school supplies and tacked it out of the reach of curious 7 year-olds. ( I hope!)

I also created a matching toolbox attendance file to welcome my new kiddies to Meet & Greet. They were very hesitant to use the board - I was shocked! They've never used one before, so I had to guide them a bit. They'll get used to it real fast because that board is going to be an essential component to our classroom learning environment. I moved my whole darn classroom across the hall for that board!

Click on the icon below to download a  FREE copy of the attendance file. If you like it and take a minute to leave some feedback at my TpT store I'd really appreciate it!

I actually felt kind of bad doing the Home Depot theme when Lowe's was so incredibly generous to me. I'll have to make sure NOT to get that bulletin board pic mixed in with my thank you letter to them!


  1. Home Depot can be generous as well. You jjust have to let them know what you need. :)

  2. What a cute idea! Very creative and a great way to welcome the children into your class. Have a great year!

  3. That is so adorable! I LOVE how you integrated your theme into your smartboard attendance. I usually have the kids pop balloons with their names on them in the morning, but this is even more fun! My theme this year is owls, so I might take pictures of their get to know me glyphs (which are owl-shaped), and have them drag their glyph to a nest.

  4. Denise, What an adorable idea! Glad everything went well for you yesterday at the Meet and Greet! I had an awesome one, too!! Did you check my classroom? I am soooo tired now. Still have a lesson plan to write. :(

    Just 4 Teachers: Sharing Across Borders

  5. That is just the cutest idea ever!! Hope you have lots of fun and great success with it!

  6. OH.MY.GOODNESS. That's the cutest bulletin board! And I love that you made an attendance file to match. I have a fondness for "stinky boy stores" as I worked in them all through university. :)

    Runde's Room

  7. You are so creative! I so love this bulletin board and the smartboard file..and don't worry, the kids will get the hang of it. In a month, you'll be over the kids wanting something, anything to do on the smartboard! =)


  8. That is so stinking cute! I LOVE it! Seriously, why doesn't my name rhyme with anything fun like that?! Knopf (pronounced Noff) rhymes with cough but I really don't think a germ theme is a good idea...sigh. I guess I will live in envy of your super cute aprons!

    Jennifer @ Herding Kats In Kindergarten

  9. Aww, I love it!! Such a cute board...and I love the fact that it says "You can do it, I can help!" Way to go! Have a great school year! :)

  10. aaargh!!! I ADORE this board! You have the best bulletin board designs I have ever seen, so it's no surprise though. Did you paint the background black or use fabric? I just used black fabric for the first time and loved it (my boards look nowhere as good as yours!!). I hope you're having a nice weekend!
    Ladybug's Teacher Files

  11. This is the cutest thing ever!!! I love it, good job!!

    Marvelous Multiagers!

  12. Thanks everyone :)
    @Kristen - yes, the board is painted. It makes life so much easier! In the South Florida humidity the paper wrinkles so much and that just drives me insane! I can't imagine not having painted boards now!

  13. So incredibly adorable! I LOVE it and I LOVE that they drag their tool to the tool box! Cuteness!!!
    Counting with Coffee


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