What's Up in January

This is literally "what's up" in my room. Before blogstalking and Pinterest, I would Google my brains out looking for bulletin board ideas. I used to love bulletin board decorating. I would plan them far in advance and be such an eager beaver when a new month started. After 17 years in the classroom and other demands that have crept up (crept, creeped?)  bulletin board decorating has fallen down a few notches on the important scale. However, just because I fell a little out of love with them, they still need to be dealt with. So in case you're on the prowl for some January ideas, here's what I got goin' on in room 853.

I've seen lots of variations of these floating around Pinterest. How have I never done this before? This particular one is from Views from Room 205. Very manageable for my nuggets to complete independently while I woke up prepared our center materials Monday morning (did I mention I was in school on January 2nd? A Federal holiday?? Well I was. grr...)

These cutie cell phones came from Third Grade & Frazzled. My kids were totally diggin these. I had them just write one resolution and then illustrate it on the "screen".  I'm not sure how to feel about a seven year old making a resolution to lose weight. I can sympathize with the poor kiddo, that is for sure. At least she's going to go about it in a reasonable way and she's very determined. She's not lacking in the self esteem area either...lots to ponder here. Discuss.

Moving on. These A-Freakin-Dorable penguins are from Glyph Girls on TpT. I'm not gonna lie. There was a lot of preparation ahead of time but totally worth it. Next year it will be done though (assuming I don't pack them away so good I can't find them or forget I have them).

I'm kind of ending on a low note here, but in the interest of full disclosure I must show you everything that's up. This was supposed to be a lot cuter, but sometimes you've just gotta let it go. Which is what I did here. obviously. In case you're interested, the snowflake pattern can be found here.  In the blink of an eye I'll be decorating for February anyway (with these!) so Sad Snowman has a short lifespan. Yes, I have a serious teacher crush on the Glyph Girls. Yes, yes I do. They rescue me from things like this disaster:

Each snowflake has the title of their favorite winter book from our library. Yeah, still boring.

So, that's what's up in my corner of the world. Happy Friday peeps, see you this weekend!


  1. Cell phones are so cute. Need to check out that blog!

    And also, for the record, I think your "boring" bulletin boards are cute!

    Third Grade in the First State

  2. Fact at my school, I don't even have a bulletin board. We have walls we can staple into but no bulletin boards, so I just hang up work in random pairings. It works but sure isn't cute.

    Thanks for sharing the links to all those ADORABLE crativities!
    StoriesFrom Second

  3. Love the cell phones!


  4. ADORABLE!! These are so cute!!! I just love the cell phones and everything else about this post!! AWESOME!!

  5. Thanks for the cute ideas. The kids won't care if the bulletin board is boring, they'll just be thrilled they have something on it.

  6. I would love it if you would link up to my New Year Linky Party at http://teachingisagift.blogspot.ca/2012/12/2013-new-year-linky-party.html. Let's ring in the new year with lots of great ideas to share and celebrate!


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