The Cheer-up Chicken

Ok, Nerd Alert! A few years ago, I was way into Webkinz. I can't even believe I'm telling you this. Not only did I have one as a "class pet" that the kids took care of, but I actually had my own separate account that I would play daily! Oh man, I'm a geek. I know I'm not alone though. I won't out anyone here but I have a close friend who was right there with me. I even took care of her "pets" when she went on vacation! At least she had kids to blame it on...

I obviously had way too much time on my hands back then. This was before blogging and tpt came into my life. I have to say, I feel a lot more grown up spending time in these virtual worlds than in Webkinz World! However, this has left me with A LOT of little furry critters in my closet that I can't seem to part with. I was going to put them in a big basket to use as reading buddies, but we're not really supposed to have stuffed things in our rooms. So, for now, they are packed away in a big bag until the day I can just leave them in the teacher's lounge with a Free to a Good Home sign on the box.

Now the point of my post today, is that one of them came in pretty handy last week. I have one little Webkin that I really, especially liked. I just thought he was cute and I have a thing for chickens (don't ask). It's this little guy.  I named him Pecker. Get your minds out of the gutter! Think of the way a chicken eats...pecking at the ground...get it?
Seriously, is he not the cutest? So anyway, one of my little nuggets was having an especially tough day. I mean, it really is hard being seven sometimes, right? So he needed some cheering up. I was kind of out of my usual bag of tricks, when while I was rooting around my closet I saw Pecker. I grabbed him like I had this all planned out and said, "Well, it looks like it's time for the Cheer Up Chicken to visit!" I placed it on Sad Nugget's desk and told him he was here to cheer him up. And, people, it totally worked! He was all smiles in no time! 

So now Cheer Up Chicken is a thing in our room. He hangs out in the closet, but only comes out when someone really, really needs cheering up. And he can only come out when I think he's needed. So far, so good. So just in case you have an extra chicken hanging around, now you know what you can do with it! If you want your very own Cheer Up Chicken, you can find them here. I was surprised to see they're still available! 

Ok friends, tomorrow is my Open House, so I'll be back soon with details and lots of pix!



  1. You are too cute, and I love the Cheer Up Chicken!! Can't wait to see your pics! :) Miss talking to you!

  2. My husband and I BOTH have Webkinz accounts. My sister was so into them that she has a Webkinz after school and summer camp. I like the games. I could play Tile Towers for hours on end. Love the Cheer-Up Chicken!

  3. would you e-mail a sample of the morning work?
    I would love to look at it to be sure it is what I want.

    Thank you -

  4. HA! Figures Andi already commented - YES - I love Webkinz too! My favorite game is Goobers Lab. I have found a way to get all my kinders webkinz for christmas for the last few years (usually black friday - 2 for $5! WITH a gift bag-BAZINGA) I tell you I am so crazy about them, I won't even let the parents log them in, because they just don't understand not to use their child's name or to how to make the log in name EASY! My kids do anything to earn time to take care of their pet. They also figure out username and password because they have to do it themselves to get to play. First grade always can tell my computer crazy kids:) I could go on for years... Quizzy's corner is a fun brain non-break time and oh, yeah if you are good, I might use your account on the screen for Quizzy time - oh the bribing possibilities!!! I love the Chicken (little concerned about the name) But she can definately cheer someone up. I have 12 real chickens (none named Pecker) and they cheer me up everyday :)
    Great post - needed a smile. Thanks - jh

  5. I love this! I wonder if they have a pig! I sent you an email about one of your projects you did. I hope you received it. I had problems sending it on my end.


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