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Once upon a time, I was a serious crafter. I was up to my elbows in ribbons, papers, stamps, and ink. I was mostly a papercrafter, but I dabbled in lots of other areas too. One of the things I loved best was making gifts for friends and family. Over the past couple of years, TpT and digital design has edged out my actual real-life crafting, so sadly much of craft stash goes unused most of the time. This is the workspace we put together when we moved into this house. The opposite wall is my hubby's side and has a desk and bookshelves, & stuff. Once in a while, I do venture inside to do some crafting as I did this week for some gifts for my teammates.

Even when I'm not full-on crafting there are two trusty tools I still use quite a lot. Those would be my Xryon Machine (see it here) and paper cutter, and I used both to create these little gifts for my team.

I got a great deal on these little candles from Bath & Body Works on Black Friday (or Cyber Monday maybe?) So I ordered 12 of them. Then I wanted some kind of quote to go along with it and found this one by Buddha ( or at least the internet says is was Buddha...) Either way, seemed like a nice reminder. I found a wintery background, added the text and printed them out on card stock. Then I decided I wanted it to be more than a business-cardish type of thing. So, my trusty Xyron came to the rescue and turned them into magnets. {This is not a Xyron commercial, I swear. I just love this thing so freakin much I think everyone should have one. I actually contacted the company a few times about doing a review/giveaway, but they haven't really jumped on board. yet.}

I popped in the cartridge that has a sheet of magnet on one side and laminate on the other. You can also buy cartridges that have laminate on both sides, permanent or removable adhesive with or without laminate on the other side. Amazing, right? I use it ALL the time. Ok, so after I cranked it through the wonder machine, I cut them into magnet sized pieces with my paper slicer and I had my gifts all ready in a matter of minutes.

I packaged them up in cute little bags from Hobby Lobby and done!

This would also make a nice little hostess gift, maybe with a larger candle, or a cute little something to have on hand for people who stop by to visit over the holidays. If you would like the quote all formatted on the background, just click here.

Ok, believe it or not, I have two ornaments hanging on my tree and still need to do some shopping, so I guess I better get my rear in gear! Merry Christmas, my friends!

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  1. So nice to meet you!I am a teacher and a scrapbooker in Russia! I really like your blog and thank you for sharing with us a lot of great ideas! There is not many blogger-teachers in Russia but it seems there are a lot of in other countries! Have a nice teaching!


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