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Big, Big News!! Congrats to Manakans!
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Thank you so much to everyone who entered and for the truly lovely comments. I big {super, puffy, pink heart} all of you!!  Now before I get my mushy on again, I'll forge ahead with another great craft/gift idea. With the holidays approaching I'm sure we're all looking for thoughtful inexpensive gifts for the many people at school who make life a little easier, a little more fun or just a little bit brighter. I think I've already make everything I know how to make so I've been hitting up Pinterest pretty hard for this year's gift!  I've made tons of these both as gifts and for my own personal use and they are as useful as they are cute.

Back in September I wrote about how I use these plastic envelopes as my weekly work folders:

But there's actually another way I use them that is so much more fun and so pretty! These are amazing gifts for your other teacher friends. These are dressed up with rub-on transfers and paper flowers from the scrapbook section of the craft store. The transfers in these pictures are from Stampin' Up, but I'm pretty sure these exact ones are discontinued. Click {HERE} to see some from EKSuccess on Amazon that would work nicely. You can also find them at most craft stores mixed in with the stickers, just look carefully for rub-on transfers. Sometimes they're over by the wood crafts for some reason. Just lay the rub-on where you want it to go, rub it with your fingernail or a popsicle stick (don't bother with the fancy tool they sell, your fingernail will be fine). Then attach the flowers with colored or rhinestone brads. I usually use an exacto blade to make a tiny slice to stick the brad through so I don't mutilate the folder in the process. You would think that the rub-ons would rub off, but really they hold up well! You can also use the colored plastic folders, especially if you can find some light rub-ons - look how pretty these are:

This next one is actually a 12x12 scrapbook paper holder:

And this one is a small one they called a "bank wallet".  I used some extra rub-ons from the same set to decorate a few notecards and a matching notepad. I also added a little keychain with a charm to fancy it up a bit.  I real life all the purples are the same. I need some photography lessons...
This would make a great room -mom gift, right?
I've been having a crazy few days (looong days, a broken tooth, field day, field trip) but the highlight of each of the last few days has been checking in here and sharing new ideas with you. Thanks again for hanging out with me!



  1. Great idea! Thanks for sharing. =)

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