Shaving cream and recess

Hey Friends!

I can't believe it's been over a week since I posted. Well, scratch that. I can believe it. It's been CRA-ZEE around these parts lately. I'm sure you all know the feeling. It doesn't help that I recently became obsessed with started reading about Christian and Anastasia. Whoa. After a rocky start and almost abandoning the book, I ended up blazing through all three of the 50 Shades books in a couple of days. Not my usual type of read, for sure - but let's just say I'm glad I stuck with it! I am the first to admit I'm a bit addicted to my electronic devices (keep it clean, ladies! I'm talking about my Mac, iPhone, internet, etc...) but every once in a while it's nice to unplug and curl up with a good book.

Before I go on, I must address my last post, Testy about Testing. I was actually a bit hesitant to post it because I really do like to keep the focus of my blog completely positive. Things like testing and the emphasis placed upon it was one of the reasons I found myself at a crossroads a while ago and became the impetus for this blog. Though I don't want to dwell on it, it is a harsh reality of our profession and addressing it seemed the right thing to do. Your supportive comments were so needed and appreciated, so thank you for indulging me in a little rant! (And for making me daydream about teaching in Switzerland!)

So, I am back to reality and ready to face the last 10 days of school full force! I don't usually do this, but this year I decided to have a fun 10 day countdown with a totally out of the ordinary activity each day. My students are pretty, for lack of a better term, so I wasn't quite sure what would happen when I busted out the shaving cream for today's desk writing activity, but a good, messy time was had by all, and then the room smelled like a clean dad for the rest of the day, so win-win.

After we cleaned up we headed outside for a crazy HUGE event. Our school recently won the Dannon Rally for Recess Playground Contest which came with a $20,000 playground makeover and the most outrageous recess party I have ever seen! There were carnival games, organized sports, popsicles, yogurt (of course) and ginormous inflatables the likes of which I have never seen! You've got to see some of this...

It was hot and wild, but the kids had a ball. Our only casualty was a bee sting to the nose, poor kid. After all that I was pooped! Straight home, into the shower and into bed for me.

Even though I'm counting my way down to summer (can I get an AMEN?) my teacher-brain is still spinning out of control with thoughts of next year. What the what, now?? Anyone know the secret to how to turn this thing off, because it seriously keeps me up at night. As I'm packing up I'm thinking about how I might arrange things differently next year. I'm already deciding on a welcome back bulletin board, I'm working on games and centers. I actually have a cute idea for teaching money that I'll be sharing in a few days.  Just plain crazy, but that's par for the course lately. Such is the life of a teacher!

It's good to be back to my blog, but for now...

Laters, baby <---my fellow Fifty fans will get that one ;0)



  1. Wow, a $20,000 playground makeover!!!! Looks like the recess party was out of this world!
    BTW, no need to apologize for what you called a rant...I think it great when you can be honest about how you feel about something because there are thousand of other teachers, like myself, that feel the same way.

  2. I just bought 50 Shades of Grey, not my usual read either but I have heard so much about it, I was intrigued. It is a long weekend here in Canada so a bit of deck reading perhaps ??? Your testing post gave me a lot to think about. I truly find your blog to be very positive and encouraging. We all have to vent and share our thoughts and you do so in a very open and honest way. I always take something away from your blog each time I read and I thank you for sharing. You reminded me too to break out the shaving cream, always a crowd pleaser :)

  3. All those bounce houses look like such fun. And I am in the middle of Fifty Shades of Grey. Very interesting!


  4. I bet the kids were in heaven over that!! I think I am going to use the shaving cream next week. Nothing works better on cleaning desks than that!

    I am having a big TPT giveaway over at my blog--come & check it out!
    Learning Is Something to Treasure

  5. Love Fifty!! ;) and on a completely different note, it looks like your kiddos had a blast !!
    A Cupcake for the Teacher

  6. Oh my gosh, what a FUN party! Our playground is in desperate need of a face lift! So awesome that your school won!
    Stories From Second

  7. woah...people actually win those things? I never know if they are real! How fun!!! You are such a fun supportive teacher friend. (cyber friends are real right?!) I just love ya!

  8. My favorite blogs are the ones that are usually positive, but occasionally keep it real. I think you were smart and used plenty of logic and reasoning to share an opinion- and didn't find it off-putting at all. In fact, I appreciated reading what someone else had to say about some things I always wonder when it comes to international test scores.

    I am with you- increasing rigor is not a bad thing, but sometimes I wonder if the ways we are trying to make schools better really do. And even so- are the assessments valid?

    Luckeyfrog's Lilypad

  9. That must have been the best Denise!!! I hope you end of school days go nicely. As for turning off those thoughts, I wish I knew, I have the same problem. Happy weekend!!! :)

  10. Just started Fifty last night (and stayed up WAY too late reading it)! $20,000 for a recess makeover? How awesome!!

  11. Funny story--I have had trouble walking down the cleaner isle at the grocery store, always a sneeze or two there and I just didn't like all those smells but never had any issues with any cleaner I've used. THEN I bought some shaving cream for spelling practice/desk cleaning and I had to supervise from the hallway, I was sneezing, tears rolling down my cheeks, blowing my nose AND laughing. Fortunately I had a group of kids who figured out I couldn't do anything to help, they cleaned it all up and opened the windows for me and were proud of themselves for managing mostly on their own.

  12. What are your 10 activities???? Id love to borrow!

  13. What are your 10 activities???? Id love to borrow!

  14. The shaving cream is always a big hit! I hate the smell... but the kids love playing with it so much! Plus, even though they feel like they're making a giant mess, it is super easy to clean up.
    I don't know how to turn off the teacher brain either... I am already full of big plans for the next school year, and I haven't even found a job yet!

  15. Wow I wish I was there! Congrats. I'm excited to hear about your money idea. I'm teaching money later. I love your creations! If possible could the money be international? I'm outside the US. Thanks!

  16. Wow! What a great win :)

    Love the shaving cream...I do this every year. It cleans like magic!

    Laters baby :)


    Fun in Room 4B

  17. Thanks Denise! I used your shaving cream idea in a blog post I just did about the last days of school

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