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We have another guest today! Barbara is here with a great book review. Sounds like one I need in my library for sure. Enjoy!

Being Too Frank by Barbara Gruener

Howdy from The Corner On Character. Today I'm basking in the glow of being invited to guest post at Sunny Days. I admire Denise so, so much and am thrilled beyond words to share the newest Flash Light Press release with her readers.

What do you do when two character values collide? Say your mother-in-law tries a new recipe and asks you what you think. Well, you don't like it one bit, but she wants feedback and you don't want to hurt her feelings. If you tell her it's good while you choke it down, she's likely to make it again, maybe even take it to her next social sorority potluck. But is there a tactful way to let her know that you don't think it's very tasty? When I posed that question to a group of second graders, one of them suggested telling her that it might taste better with a little cinnamon in it. 

Enter Being Frank by Donna W. Earnhardt.

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Frank is an elementary student who hasn't quite learned yet that 
You get more flies with honey. In fact, he lives so strictly guided by Honesty is the best policy. that his truth is often unkind and hurts the feelings of those he loves. Spewing his Frank observations, this little truth sleuth so upsets people in his world that he himself isn't happy anymore. When he goes for advice, it's Grandpa Ernest who teaches him how to filter his Frank thoughts and sprinkle the truth with tenderness.

This newcomer is rich with literary treasures. Analyze the characters' names. Why did the author pick Zaroma for the teacher who needs a breath mint? Why is the Grandfather's name Ernest? What about Frank's singing friend Carol? And his freckled friend Dotty? 

What other examples of names-that-fit can they find in this text?
Talk about axioms. What is an axiom and what example(s) can they find in the book? What other axioms do they know?
Finally, have them talk or write about a time when they had to cushion the truth with a little compassion and care.
Check out this book and enjoy Being Frank! 


  1. Thanks for the book review. This would be great to help some learners who may still need social skills

  2. Two of my favorites in one spot!!!!! Wonderful ladies!

  3. just added the book to my wishlist on amazon... looks so cute!!

  4. Thanks for sharing this book. It totally reminds me of a few of my previous students. This would have been a great lesson!!


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