A Fun Fall Play to Get Your Whole Class Participating!

I am so happy to introduce you to Arlene Sandberg today. She and I collaborate in a group of blog buddies and I love her perspective on things. She's a retired educator who dedicated her life to teaching kids all over the globe. Please welcome her today and enjoy her amazing freebie!


It is such an honor to be guest blogging for Denise. It's a great opportunity for you to get to know me and for me to share a fun activity with you. My name is Arlene and I blog over at LMN Tree. I'm 63 and have had an amazing career teaching all over the U.S including Hawaii and Alaska and even overseas in Seoul, South Korea. My husband was in the military and my children and I followed him all over which turned out to be an exciting journey.

I've everything from Early Childhood, Elementary, Special Education and ESL. My last 9 years were spent as an ESL Resource Teacher in a Title I Elementary School in the worst performing school in the district. I always worried about the struggling readers and ESL students in the regular classroom and how difficult it was for them to take risks and participate in many class activities.

After retiring my husband thought it would be a great hobby to make my own materials and sell them on TpT . Hobby!?! I had no idea what I was getting into and neither did he. I had never blogged before and a friend convinced me to start a blog -What was I thinking?!? Well it's been 9 months since I began and what a journey it has been. I wanted to blog to share great ideas and knowledge that I've learned over the years and little by little people are visiting and following. To be honest I still miss being in the classroom and my students from Anchorage. There were over 100 languages spoken in our district. My students loved my poems and plays that I wrote during the year and it was a great way to get them all participating while learning and having fun. I'm sure you have several of these students in your classrooms as well.So here is my gift to all of you.

I wrote a cute all play about teaching the signs of fall. The characters are The Sun, The Day, The Night, The Wind and all the other signs of fall. They tell the children what happens to them when it's fall. There are Character Picture Cards to copy and cut out so they can make a necklace of the part they play and you can pair up your struggling readers and ESL students with good readers and have several students read their part together. Just watch and see your students smiling and reading, too. Just click on the picture above to get your free copy. I hope you and your students enjoy it!

If you like my play you may also like my K-2 Reading and writing Unit called: "What Happens In Fall"

Thanks for all you do to make a difference for your students. Hope you will visit my TpT store and blog.

It's LMN Tree

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