Halloween Wrap-up!

So, did we all survive Halloween? It wasn't so bad, I suppose. I just kept repeating my mantra, "They're just kids enjoying Halloween. They're just kids enjoying Halloween. They're just kids enjoying Halloween. They're just kids enjoying Halloween." That seemed to work. For the most part.

Here's a little glimpse of some of the fun things we were up to:

The hula girl costumes seemed so easy, until we actually tried to buy them! Seems that the party stores clear out the hula stuff to make room for the Halloween hoopla. Didn't count on that. We ended up ordering everything from Amazon and it came in time, so no worries. Oh, and trying to run into the potty "real quick" makes for an interesting encounter with the grass skirt. Yeah, not such an easy costume after all. Must rethink this next year.

As you can see we had a ridiculous amount of treats sent in. Lucky kids, right? We had some visits from our pre-k kids. How cute are they? My little second graders felt so grown up giving out the candy when they came to our door trick or treating.

Academically, we kept things rolling along with some of the projects you see up there. We finished up our Pumpkin Science Investigation and had lots of fun with creations from my blog buddies.

In case you're planning for next year, you can find the Haunted House for Sale writing project from Clutter Free Classroom {HERE}. The first pic on the bottom row is from a great set of math problem solving cards from Amber Polk which you can find {HERE}. Those worked out really, really well! I became and instant fan of hers. The Candy Corn Place Value Race game in the bottom row is from my always fab friend Fern and you can find that one {HERE.}  The Where the Wild Things are writing is from the amazing Amy Lemons and can be found  {HERE}. That Hallo-Wiener writing is from me which is {HERE}. A definite must-get freebie is the Halloween I Have, Who Has from my buddy Mandy at Cooperative Learning 365. That one is {HERE} and don't miss the freebies she has for other holidays as well. Her stuff is always awesome. Ok, hope I didn't miss anybody. I also bought a slew of other stuff from TpT that I ran out of time to use. Hopefully, I'll remember I have them next year!

On a serious note, big love to my friends and readers in the Northeast living through Sandy. It's strange for me to be watching hurricane coverage from a distance. We've made a donation to the Red Cross to help out and if at all possible, I'd urge you all to do the same. If you can't donate money, consider donating blood. It's also in short supply at the moment. I've been the one on line for free ice and water before because I really needed it and it's a feeling you can't imagine unless you've lived through it. Even as you're standing in line, you can't quite believe you're where you are. I know it's hard to believe now, but the good news is that eventually, life returns to normal. Until then, I'm with you in spirit.



  1. Love those costumes! So cute! The pregnant teacher really stands out! :)
    Love all the pics!

  2. As a NJ teacher I am a litle bit jealous(maybe). Our governor has officially changed Halloween to Monday and I'm actually hoping(fingers crossed) to get back to work tomorrow! I never thought we'd be here :( I'm so thankful to have our electrcity and heat(It was in the 30s last night...BRR!)
    Anyhow, I wanted to thank you again for your tireless inspiration! You are simply WONDERFUL!


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