Long Vowel Team Game for Winter!

Part of the fun of the holidays is when friends stop by for a visit. It's even better when they stop by with a little gift! Well, that's exactly what's happening this week on my blog. I've invited a few of my friends to come over and visit with us and they all brought a gift to share! I have some great friends, right? 

Today I'm welcoming Deana from Primary Punch. A few months ago I got the most touching email from Deana who told me how my blog had inspired her in a few ways, most notably for her to start her own blog! Hearing things like that from my readers is the most incredible feeling! Thank you Deana!

Hi Sunny Days readers!  I am so excited to guest post on this awesome blog!! I especially feel so honored to be able to post here since my decision to begin blogging came from reading the Sunny Days in Second Grade blog.  It holds a special place in my heart!  In case we haven't met before, my name is Deana, I teach 2nd grade in North Carolina and I am from Primary Punch!

 Today I wanted to share a fun, wintery long vowel team game I made called Sweet Tooth!  We use the Words Their Way program for spelling at my school, and I am always trying to find new ways to practice the different spelling patterns we learn using the program. Since the program is new to our school this year we have been working hard to iron out all the kinks.  If you haven't used the Words Their Way program before, it is a sequential phonics program that involves a lot of sorting. It looks something like this in my classroom.

Sometimes we get a little tired of sorting so I try to incorporate games whenever possible. In 2nd grade one of our common core standards covers long vowel teams so this game fits perfectly into our common core alignment and the Words Their Way Program. You can click on the image below to grab it for FREE through google docs!

If you like this game I have several other common core aligned ELA and Math centers (including this one) in my TPT store and in my new Christmas Cookie Common Core pack!

Or if you use the Words Their Way Program and would like management ideas they are available in my recently updated Word Study pack!

Thanks for letting me take over!  I hope you will be able to use Sweet Tooth in your classroom and I'd love for you to visit me at Primary Punch!


  1. This is a great game. Thanks sharing your hard work.
    Classroom Fun

  2. So awesome! We use Words their Way too and we can only sort so many times! Thanks for the freebi :)

    The Fabulous First Grade

  3. Thanks ladies!!! I'm glad you can use it in your classrooms and a huge THANK YOU to Denise for letting me guest post : )

    Primary Punch

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