Everybody Wins!!

How cool is this? A giveaway where everybody wins! Some blog buddies have organized this amazing giveaway and I just had to join in - even though I'm all insane in the membrane right now with tomorrow being the last day of school. It's because I love you. I do. For real. Even a little more than the Swedish Fish I'm currently eating for dinner. But maybe not quite as much as the chocolate-chocolate chip ice cream I'll be having for dessert. But somewhere in the middle for sure. (Did I mention that I'm a stress eater?)

What will you get from all of these lovely ladies? Well, all of this fabulousness!

To receive the Swimming into Summer items, all you need to do is follow ALL of our blogs and come back and fill out our form.  That's it!  Everyone who enters will get amazing items from everyone listed above! So no finger-crossing, well-wishing, praying or buttering-up necessary. You enter - You win. Yay! I love simple. It's really about all I can handle at this point.

You can enter now through Sunday, June 9th.  We'll start sending the bundle of product out on Monday, June 10th.  You can go to each blog, by clicking on the buttons below.

Rowdy in Room 300
A day in first grade
It's LMN Tree
My (Not So) Elementary Life
A Teeny Tiny Teacher
Fern Smith's Classroom Ideas
Sunny Days in Second
Remember, all you need to do to get a present from each blogger above is to follow them and enter using this form.  Following by email counts for me. That's how I follow my favorites so I never miss a post.  And you don't need to fill out the form on each blog, just once on anyone's blog so we know where to send the goodies!


  1. What an awesome and fun idea! Thanks! SO just to make sure--if I followed you my email on your blog--I'm all set for the others? Thanks Denise
    -Lovely Nina

    Lovely Little Learners

  2. Hi Nina!
    You have to visit and follow each blog, but you only have to fill out that form at the bottom of the post that says "Subscribe to our Mailing List" once. That's just so we have your email address to send the goodies :) Clear as mud? lol!

  3. What a great idea! Also, on a side note, I LOVE Swedish Fish! :)

  4. Boy I hope I did it all correct! I followed by email all the blogs except teaching with style because I kept getting an error when I clicked the link to her page. I registered on your site. Has any one else received the error on teaching with style?

    1. I have gotten it on many blogs but there area a couple where it does work- Fern Smith's Classroom Ideas being one where it works.

  5. Hooray! I made it around to all of the blogs (many of which I was unfamiliar with)! I look forward to reading posts this summer. That is one fantabulous giveaway!

  6. Thank you for this opportunity. I follow all the blogs above. I subscribed to the mailing list!!

  7. I am excited about this giveaway!
    Thanks for having it!
    Antoinette :)

  8. Thanks so much for having this wonderful giveaway. All of you are awesome!!!!!!!

  9. I participated in this giveaway! I just noticed in my blogger feed of all the blogs I follow that you have the words "no-reply@blogger.com" beside your name. I think this article would really help you out. (It's not to my own page!) http://www.flusterbuster.com/2013/02/are-you-no-reply-blogger.html

    You may want to check it out so that you can see all the replies you get to comments you leave on other peoples' blogs! Just thought I'd let you know!

    Miss A's Kindergarten

  10. Hi Ms. Denise! Thanks for an awesome giveaway... I'm following you now!
    Primary Pointe

  11. What a fabulous idea! Thank you so much for an amazing giveaway! I'm following everyone now!!

    Jungle Learners

  12. Love it!!!! Thank you so very much!!!!!!!

  13. Awesome! Following all of the blogs and can't wait to get some great ideas for next year as well as this amazing bundle!!

  14. This is a great opportunity to sample all of these wonderful blogger's products. I like how you ladies set this up. Thanks much!

    Hope you had an enjoyable last day and are already taking some time to relax a bit. I always have those first few days after being off where I am in a daze--it's a shock to my system...

    All the best for a fabulous summer!

    Sarah @ Hoots N' Hollers

  15. I am a new follower of your blog! I am so excited about reading all of your posts. This will be my first year in 2nd grade and I am so nervous!


  16. What a great giveaway! I'm following all of the blogs!

  17. Hi, just found your blog. What a great giveaway! I know I'm a bit late but....ere's hoping you guys include me in all the fun! I went ahead an followed all the blogs listed above. I'm so looking forward to all the great information your blogs have. I just got moved to second grade after 7 yrs in K.


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