All Bundled Up for the Sale!

Hola! Happy Cinco de Mayo! 

In case you didn't hear yet, the big Teacher Appreciation Sale on TpT tomorrow and Wednesday. My entire store will be 20% off and if you use the code TPTXO when you check out you'll save an additional 10% {which sounds like 30% to me but some super smart secret mathematician says otherwise. I duuno, I guess I believe them. #mathishard}

 I get asked a lot if I'm going to bundle different things, so this weekend I got busy bundling! First I started with some task cards. These are the ones I use for my Brain Builders Club shown below which I've blogged about HERE and HERE.  

I bundled the cards to make it a bit easier and more affordable to set up your own Brain Builders Club. Even though the bundles already offer the cards at a deep discount, they'll still be on sale so you can save even more!

I also bundled some of my writing resources. These are really specific activities to build writing skills in your blossoming authors. 

One thing I get lots of bundle questions about are my Ready, Set, Print packs. I don't think I'll be bundling these because I tend to update them every month, which would lead to updating the bundles every month.. Classic Give a Mouse a Cookie stuff...

Besides being a seller, I'm a HUGE tpt shopper. Ready for proof? This is a screenshot of my wish list total! yikes! 267 items!? I won't be buying ALL of them. probably. maybe.
I sure hope Teacher Appreciation Week is filling you with lots of sunshiney thoughts. If no one else has told you, please know that if you're here, I think you're all kinds of awesome!

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