FREE Magic Square Puzzles

It's my pleasure to welcome guest blogger Heather from HoJo's Teaching Adventures. She was so sweet to bring a gift too! Enjoy :)

FREE Magic Square Puzzles for Your Students

It's been nearly two years since I first guest blogged here at Sunny Days in Second Grade to introduce you to Magic Square Puzzles. So it seemed only appropriate that I would come back and show you some more. Last time I did a short-term freebie, but this time I decided a forever freebie would be even better! Right?!

If you haven't used Magic Square Puzzles before, you need to know that they work well to review concepts, fill time for early finishers in a meaningful way, or just practice a concept while having fun.

Now before you grab your freebie, I'd love to show off the new YouTube video I created showing how these puzzles work. This was my first attempt at a video, so please be kind. =)

Click here or on the picture below to get your seven Magic Square Puzzles for FREE!

You can read all about Magic Square Puzzles, how to use them, and even grab some more freebies over at my blog.

HoJo has taught grades K-6 during her teaching career. This fall she is taking on the new challenge of being a K-6 principal at two schools and the K-12 special ed director for her district. You can follow her new adventures at her blog - HoJo's Teaching Adventures


  1. I'm glad you posted the video so I could see these in action. I'm off to check out the freebie and your store. I can imagine these being an excellent "when you're finished" activity. Thanks!
    First Grade Found Me

  2. Thanks for the feedback! I hope your students enjoy these as much as mine have!

  3. My students love these! I love that they are "educational"!! Thank you!


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