Tardy to the Valentine Party!

I'm pretty much a professional procrastinator. So just in case we're kindred spirits, I've got some fun, free stuff you might be able to use this week. Or you know, next year...

I've shared most of this before, so you may already have it. Sometimes you just need to see it again to jog your memory. I made one big file with everything you see below so you don't have to click click here, click click there, here a click, there a click...well - you get it.  So click here (last time, promise)

These task cards make great discussion starters or writing prompts.

Everything you need to play this subtraction game is included - you'll just need some extra counter manipulatives or bottle caps.

These make a SUPER fast and cheap gift for your kids.
 Cut them out and stick them to a ruler and call it done!

Use this holiday themed word work for a bell ringer or homework.

Of course - BUMP is back for February!

See this post to learn a bit more about this February word shaker. So fun!
And in the non-free department for this month, my February Math Mats are ready! I know I'm partial because I made these and all, but seriously they are so easy to prep and really provide the kids with some great practice. See the second grade set here and first grade here.
I would have had this post up earlier, but I spent this past weekend in North Carolina working with some of my amazing friends and the team at Carson Dellosa. More on that really soon.

Happy Hearts & Flowers Day, my friends!


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