Christmas in July!

My sweet Blog Hoppin friends and I are all celebrating Christmas in July this week. What does that mean for you? Big savings on some great essentials to get your year off to a great start. I know, it's hard to think about back to school already, but I've heard from some of my friends that school is starting up again in just a few weeks. Yikes!

So, every day this week, a different product in my shop will be on sale. I know one day sales are hard to catch in time sometimes, so I'll put each item on sale on the day below and then leave it for a few days.

Monday - 50 Printables for Early Finishers & Enrichment. See it in my shop HERE and read more about it HERE. Usually $6.25, on sale for $4.25.

Tuesday - 50 MORE Printables for Early Finishers & Enrichment. This is the sequel to the first pack. I love this pack even more than the first one. See it in my shop HERE and on the blog HERE. Also on sale for $4.25.

Wednesday - Telling Time Teaching Resources. This is packed full of activities, printables, games, centers - everything you need to keep your own sanity intact while your kids are engaged. See it HERE in my shop, and apparently I never blogged about this pack! I'll have to do that soon.

Thursday - This was last summer's baby. I worked on this pack night and day for months! Researching spelling patterns, phonics structures, homework activities, printing options - but I loved it. And I'm super proud of the finished product. See it HERE on the blog. See it HERE in my shop.

Friday - Friday's product is a set of bulletin board banners that makes it a snap to keep things updated and seasonal. The set includes 25 different printables that the kids complete, color, and cut and you hang up. Boom - done! See them HERE in my shop and HERE on the blog.

Have fun shopping, my friends. I know I'll be scoopin up some stuff this week!

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