Word Work for Any List! {On Sale Now!}

This product may look simple, but it has been two years in the making. I created it for my students and have tested, revised, reworked, and re-tested over and over and I finally have it just right. It's become a staple in my classroom and has made center time SO MUCH EASIER. Let me tell you, I was struggling with centers in first grade. Mixing high expectations, "rigor" (don't get me started...) and kids with very little independence, below minimal reading levels, and pandemic babies who missed out on a lot of foundational skills left me frustrated to say the least. Not that this little booklet was the magical answer to all of my prayers, but it did help. A lot!

I choose 4-5 activities each week and my kids finish one page per day. My first graders and I completed each activity together over a couple of weeks before they saw it in a center. We did this instead of traditional morning work for a while so the kids could get the hang of each activity. I added a little clue, hint, or reminder at the top of each page and I really focused on that during the instruction and practice phase. I really think that helped them with independence when they saw the activities on their own.

When I taught second grade, they were able to complete most of the activities without much direct instruction. It all depends on your students.

This booklet is easy on paper and ink, fast to set up, lasts an entire week or longer, allows for differentiation, and sets up students for success and independence. The activities can be used with any word list, combined with any reading series or phonics list. It currently works with lists of 10 words, but if there is an interest I can make it suit longer lists as well.

Choose from 15 different activities that follow a familiar format but are just different enough to keep the kids interested and engaged.

This little booklet would also be great for homework or as enrichment work for your early finishers. Consider letting them keep a page in their notebook of difficult or interesting words and when they have a group of ten, they can practice them in a booklet!

Click HERE to see the booklet on TpT. It's on sale for half price through January 1st!

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