Classroom Tour 2012

Welcome to my 2012 classroom! It will probably never look this neat and organized again, so let's enjoy it now, shall we? My room is on the small side, but I'm pretty happy with this year's arrangement. It still feels kind of open and spacious even with so much stuff stuffed in it!

So, come on in!

This is my hallway bulletin board. We have a school-wide superhero theme this year:

This year we had a great tri-fold brochure for parents to take home from our Sneak-a-Peek meet the teacher shebang. So I put that along with my Ready Confetti gift, an additional supply list and the cute guide book for new second graders in a little gift bag and set one on each desk. I thought it would be easier than trying to be sure each family actually took home one of each thing.
My kids made the guide books at the end of last year for this year's class. They were a great freebie from my friend Rachel at Sub Hub. You can download the book here from TpT.

 Here's a view from the front door, looking in:

If you walk in and turn to the right, you'll see our library:

Our clipchart, crate seats and little laptop table (Ikea):

Group work table is right past the library. I've never had a table here, we'll see how it goes...

This is the back wall and the door to my neighbor's room is behind the chart stand. The other door is the potty. I use the toy bin to hold supplies.

Computer area and naked bulletin board which will become a word wall someday (soon, hopefully!):

Beyond the computers is another little reading nook with a big book stand I rescued from the trash (shhh..) another little Ikea $8 table and our Brain Builders board:

Just in front of that little nook is my horseshoe table (thanks to Donor's Choose). You can see all of my shelving is well stacked and stuffed - but pretty organized. I looooooove having all the bright natural light from my windows.

This bulletin board is going to be a student work board as soon as I change it over...

A corner of my desk...

 The front of my desk w/my shoe rack GeoSafari holder and my homemade chart stand. I got that black ottoman from Walmart. I love sitting on that when I read to the kids. I feel a little closer to them and more on their level.

Target foam clocks to show our schedule times. (Pretty sure I saw that on Pinterest awhile back)

 My little corner next to the desk. How cute is that owl? Got him at Michaels...

My attempt at the decorated Sterlite drawers.

Part of my picture book addiction collection...

Some views from my desk:

My super cute dismissal clip chart from my friend and co-worker Caitlin from Kindergarten Smiles. You can find it in her TpT store here.

And back to the front of the room. I had some random pictures from the last few years playing in a slideshow during the meet and greet to give the kids and parents an idea of what we'll be doing this year:

So, that's my room! I'm pretty pleased with it this year. And I have to say, my new little nuggets are really super cute and their parents seem so warm and supportive. I've got a good feeling about this bunch!

I'm set up for Monday, but I'm sure my brain will still be working overtime all weekend. Has anyone found the cure for Teacher Brain Syndrome yet?



  1. Your classroom is beautiful. It looks so organized and efficient! Great JOB! The kids will love it!

  2. Thank you for sharing so many pictures of your classroom! I have been searching for inspiration for my own classroom (we start after Labor Day). Are you able to share the super-cute superheroes from your hallway bulletin board?

  3. THAT'S considered a small room in your parts?!?! Wow, my classroom was less than half that size, and I always had to squeeze about 35 kindergartners in it. :( Can you say "jealous!"

    Your room looks gorgeous! The best of luck to you as the 2012-2013 year starts.

  4. Your room looks GREAT! I love your library! Your room looks big to me, too! :) Hope you have a great school year.

    Teach On.

  5. Your room looks fabulous!!!

  6. I love it! It's calm, cheerful, and organized! Have a great year :)
    Buzzing with Ms. B

  7. That is a HUGE room! Our rooms were built for class size reduction so they are small since we are "supposed" to have a small class. lol It is probably about 1/3 that size and I have 20 kiddos! I love your organization! And I love your slide show! Good luck!

  8. Your room looks beautiful, I LOVE your reading corner and owl decals !!!! Good luck next week :)

  9. WOW!! Everything looks great! I thought you said your room was smallish. It looks huge!! Your kids are so lucky to have you!!

  10. YOur room looks great!!! And either you did a really good job taking pictures or it's not as small as you think it is!!

  11. LOVE your room! I need to do that clock idea....and have been meaning to, but haven't see the clocks anywhere - maybe I will just make my

  12. Your room looks AWESOME!!! You are so organized. I am sure your students will love this cozy learning environment.

  13. I love the idea of having a picture sideshow going while the parents come through! Great...add to my to-do list!! ;)

  14. What a terrific place to learn. It looks bright, cheerful and organized. I love it! Where did you find those owl decals?
    Second Grade Sunshine

  15. Your room looks fantastic. I love the idea of the cute bags for all the paperwork. Makes things neat and orderly. We had our kinder orientation yesterday and school starts Monday. Whew! Good luck on your new year.

    Mello’s Memos

  16. Love your room. I saw those clocks at Target and couldn't think of how to use them. I am going back today and hopefully they are still there! Nice job your kiddos are lucky to have you!


  17. Absolutely beautiful.. amazing job as always! I wish my room was HALF the size of yours ;)

  18. I'm hosting a classroom tour linky party. You should hop on over and link up!
    Your classroom looks fantastic. I'm especially obsessing over your reading nook area!!! :)

    Beg, Borrow, Steal

  19. Gorgeous! I'm amazed that you only have 18 students, because I am up to 32!

  20. Can I just trade rooms with you, please? The Wild Words board is my favorite part! :)

    Happy Back to School time!

    Luckeyfrog's Lilypad

  21. Love the bags, LOVE the decorations in your library and JEALOUS of your small class size :) Great job. I want to be a 2nd grader in your room!

  22. What a wonderful room you have made for your students! It's looks so fun and welcoming! 18 students is like a dream come true!I'll have 10 more than that in a much smaller room. I like the idea of a slideshow playing during open house. I have one from last year I had playing at conferences in the waiting area and I think I'll try it!Thanks for sharing your room ideas with us!

    Creative Lesson Cafe

  23. Your room is adorable! I love that owl mural on the walls. Thanks for linking up!

    Swimming into Second

  24. Love, Love, Love your room and All the space you have plus the ideas. Thanks so much for sharing these with everyone.

  25. Love, Love, Love your room and All the space you have plus the ideas. Thanks so much for sharing these with everyone.

  26. Your room is so cute! I love how bright & cheery it is. Have a great year!


  27. You said your room is small- it sure doesn't look it! It looks great! I wish I had half as many shelves as you! I'm your newest follower.

  28. You did a great job on your room! I used to teach 2nd grade and absolutely loved it. But I'm also quite happy in first grade right now. I hope you have a fantastic year! Good luck!

  29. Your room looks fabulous! Our school is also having a Superhero theme this year. I teach in Seminole County, NE of Orlando, and we started school last week.

    Have a marvelous year!!!

  30. Oh I just love your room!! Do you mind sharing where you got the wall decals for the your library?

    ❤ -Stephanie
    Falling Into First

  31. Denise your room looks AMAZING! I just love those owls and I can't believe how BIG !! GREAT job!

  32. Your room is so cute! I love all of the little extra stuff :) any advice for a new teacher setting up a room??

  33. oh my gosh... I have never been able to figure out how to easily display my daily math and language board from lakeshore... I LOVE your idea... and I am still swooning over your classroom library... please come to Utah and decorate my classroom :)

  34. Your classroom is actually pretty big! I teach 2nd too, and my classroom is about half of yours, maybe a little bit more than half. I have 26 kids. It's TIGHT. I've rearranged 4 times already this year and I still don't have places to put things. I have no actual bulletin boards, and very little wall space in general. (I'm in the old music room, which was made into 2 classrooms by putting up a wall.) I loved all your ideas!

  35. Well, I didn't get to see these pictures at the beginning of the school year last year. I love your room set up. I am thinking of doing my room in the blue and green colors with some pink. I also loved your classroom library set up. I have a new building and a new classroom this year so I am not sure how I am going to set it up yet but I sure did like some of your pictures. If you visit my blog, you can see my new room and my bare everything. Thanks for sharing.

    Mrs. Flickinger's Butterfly Oasis

  36. Where did you get the tree that is on the wall? I'm using a "tree" theme in my classroom this coming year and would LOVE that!

  37. Hi Stacia,
    I got that at Target last year.
    It held up really, really well! :)

  38. Your room is beautiful. I would love to have a room half as large. I have learned over the years, due to room size, to minimize everything.

  39. I love the idea of putting all the papers in gift bags for meet the teacher! So smart! I saw it on pintrest and had to come check out your blog. Amazing room! I'm going to mention you on my blog if you don't mind.

  40. Thank you for sharing your room! As an education major I am always looking for organization and decorating ideas for my future classroom and your room is a great example! I love the "How we go home" idea, and the flow of your class is great! Thanks again for sharing!


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