I've Been Away...

I've been away for a week. Have you missed me? Wanna know what I've been up to? 
Just click on the picture below for a sneak peek of things to come :)
Click on the middle of the pic, not the red Pinterest button. Unless of course you want to pin it, which is cool too.

 (It's a fun video created with Google Story Builder)

P.S. There's a "SUPER" big sale this Sunday over at tpt! My store will also be on sale Monday as well. I'll be shopping while my hubs is watching the game and he won't. even. know! lol!

P.P.S (is that right??) Thank you to everyone who linked up to Show & Tell this week! I wasn't able to make it to all of your blogs and comment like I usually do thanks to some less-than-stellar wifi connections this week. I also really, really loved seeing those great comments! It's kind of time consuming to put together that post each week so I was super happy to see that you guys really like it!


  1. Wow!! That was so neat! =) I am looking forward to reading about everything that you learned!! =) Thanks for sharing!
    Sister Teachers

  2. I LOVE that! How cool!!! :) I'll have to add that to my "check out" to-do list!
    ideas by jivey

  3. Hi Denise! I love new technology tools so I am going to have to check that out! I did miss you! :) Though I have been missing a lot of posts! I have blogs bookmarked and that is how I view them. I didn't click home so kept seeing the same blog posts over and over, wondering where everyone had gone and why they weren't posting! Did I mention that I love technology?? :0

  4. Technology is my passion!! I will be checking back.

  5. Thank you for sharing Story Builder! I've already been playing around on it and made a video to introduce it to my colleagues!! I also made a video for my guest teacher to play for my second grade friends when I'm absent! Kind of makes me want to call in sick just so they can enjoy!


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