Boggle Your Kids

I used to have a Boggle board up on my classroom wall, ala Pinterest. (Yes, even my elf got involved)

But I found that my kids were not always copying the letters correctly and they were really not making words longer than 3 or maybe 4 letters. All in all, it seemed like a waste of space and time. So, a little bit ago I tried a new approach, and it was fabulous. You can find that post here where I shared how I turned the game into a teaching opportunity (along with a great freebie!). One major key was to really model for them how to travel around the board to find longer words than the, and, and you. After that, my kids were hooked!

I've incorporated a version of this printable Boggle game into a few of my packs including my August & September and October Printable Packs (which both need cover make-overs. eek!)

When I saw how much my kids liked them, I decided to make a bunch that I could use for some other seasons along with ones that can be used any time of the year. Then I also realized I was probably playing with copyright fire calling them Boggle. oopsies! So I now have a pack of 15 printable Boggle
inspired puzzles called Wordables

I included some easy to follow directions and helpful hints:

And best of all, I also included an answer key of sorts, so when you're using it as a teaching tool, you'll have a list of words that can be found in the puzzle to use!

I carefully chose the letters for each grid so that at least a few would have something to do with the season or general clip art. I was also super duper careful to make sure kids could NOT find certain  three or four letter words that will cause your whole class to go "oooooohhhhh". You know the ones...

These Wordables are also great free-time fillers, sub plan additions, fun for those days when you're too exhausted to teach but still have time left in your day (oh, like field day, field trip the freakin farm when it's 90 degrees out...) They also make great challenges for your early finishers and enrichment students as well! If you need some really quiet time, like maybe the older kids next to you are testing, pair up kids to work on a Wordable but tell them to be super quiet so no one else can hear the words they're making! Here's a surefire tip to make that work (I'm so mean...) If they are supposed to be working quietly but I can hear the word they found, I'll announce it to the whole class! It only happens once, trust me. Then they get the idea ;)

To save on your copy budget, consider laminating them or putting them in a plastic sleeve so kids can use them over and over again. 

You can find the pack here to see them on tpt. Enjoy!


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