Purell 30 Day Challenge!

I always crack up when I see this.  It's funny, because it's true. amiright?

I have bottles of "hanitzer" all over my classroom - my desk, the sink, the computer center, small group table, on random counters. I encourage my kids to hang individual bottles on their backpacks and use them as needed. My kids know when someone sneezes I always say two things, "God bless you. Go squirt your hands" It pretty much comes out in one sentence now. I'm kind of surprised I don't say it to my husband or random strangers out in the world.

There's good reason for my standard reply. In a recent study conducted by the makers of Purell, absenteeism caused by illness was 51 percent lower in classrooms that used Purell Hand Sanitizer regularly and implemented a hand hygiene educational program versus classrooms that did not. That's good enough reason for me!

So when I was asked by Mom It Forward Blogger Network if I would like to partner up with Purell with a sponsored post for a fun new contest, I was totally on board.

Here's the deal. Starting on July 14, visit the Purell Facebook Page or Purell website to register for the promotion and download the list of challenges. The challenges are fun and simple, like uploading a picture of your favorite Purell products or a video of you using Purell at a summer barbeque! One challenge is to show how you decorated a Purell Advanced Hand Sanitizer bottle. I would totally have this one in the bag! I had to dig through some pix to find it, but I made these personalized bottles for my team for Christmas one year. Can you believe I didn't blog about it? I'll be sure to come back and share directions for this real soon. #pinkypromise

After you register, check back in every day to complete a new challenge and view the gallery. Share through social media for even more chances to win. What can you win, you're wondering?
Some pretty awesome stuff actually:

63 daily winners will receive Purell Advanced products
8 weekly winners will receive a $100 Visa gift card
30 Grand Prize winners will receive a Healthy Family Prize Pack, including a variety of fun, healthy-habit forming gifts.

I'll be back at the end of the month to see how went. 

Get ready and share the fun, not the germs! 


  1. That's hilarious...and soooo true! :)

  2. I can't wait for the directions on how to decorate the Purell bottles! Yours turned out awesome, and what a great idea :-)


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