Oreo Overload

     For a while this year, I'm sure my students' parents thought I had a serious Oreo habit. It seemed like every week I was asking them to send in more packages of America's Favorite Cookie. While I'll admit I did sample a cookie or two (gotta maintain quality control) they really were for educational purposes, I promise!

    Our first Oreo encounter was our participation in the annual Oreo Project at ProjectsByJen. <--VERY cool site to check out.

      We experimented on those cookies as if they were a completely foreign object. We made estimations and predictions, logged, weighed, measured, rolled, stacked and sculpted them.

   It was torturous, but no Oreos that hit the floor or were handled by sticky kid fingers were eaten (at least not that I'm aware of, but I did see a few corner-of-the-mouth-crumbs that made me suspicious.)

As if that weren't enough, Oreo-palooza continued with our October Tasty Tuesday recipe - Spider Pudding Pie. Those most certainly were eaten. The Quality Control Inspector was on high alert that day making sure all of the ingredients were up to our rigorous standards.
  And just when you thought it was safe to bust out the Chip's Ahoy, we moved on to this crazy awesome science activity: recreating the phases of the moon with Oreos! We used some of the projects we already made as a reference, and then carefully twisted the Oreo apart and used plastic spoons and knives to scrape off the correct amount of creme filling to show each phase of the moon.  Then we placed them in order around the edges of a paper plate and labeled each phase. Seriously sweet science fun!

If you are studying the moon, you might like this FREE Anticipation Guide to gauge your students' prior knowledge and track understanding.
Although I did go through a bit of Oreo withdrawal after the moon phase activity, I found solace in the candy corn that started to appear for some other purely educational purposes soon after.


  1. I'm so glad I found your blog. Thank you for sharing.


  2. I love your stuff and I'm so excite already about new year with such neat ideas!!
    "October Tasty Tuesday recipe" do you do something once a month or {oreo} every Tuesday?
    Thanks, Fern

  3. Thanks Lorena and Fern!
    We've been doing Tasty Tuesday once a month for a couple of years. I'll blog about it soon. It's an idea I saw online a long time ago, but we've kind of adapted and made our own. My class was featured in a local paper recently if you want to read a bit more about it!

  4. That is amazing! I read the paper & love the idea of presenting the cookbook to the parent! Are you going to put your monthly lessons on TPT? I will buy it and I know my co-teacher will love this idea too!

  5. Thanks Fern!
    I actually am working on putting the lessons together for TpT. It might take me a couple of weeks to finish it up. My hope is to make it so that a teacher has everything they need to implement the program in their classroom. It took lots of research, trial and error to find recipes that are somewhat seasonal or curriculum related and can be made without an oven! It is a great program and I'd love to see more teachers and students taking part :)

  6. I love to eat at school and I am totally going to add OREOs to my list of education supplies:)
    The Schroeder Page

  7. We have participated in the jenuintech oreo project for the last 3 years in my classroom. My kids love it! We actually have oreo day and do activities all day with oreos. We eat them with milk and students write about the steps to eat an oreo using first, next, then, last. We also do math activities, estimate stacking, estimate rolling. Science sink or float predict if will sink faster in milk or water. Sculpting activities for art. Kids also like to listen to the song The White Stuff by Wierd Al. We make oreo headbands and wear black and white clothes. This is always talked about for years to come as one of their favorite days in second grade. I put picts in the end of the year slideshow using the song The White Stuff.


  8. Where did you get your huge measuring tape? I've got to get my hands on one of those. Love the oreo project and all your great tie-ins to other subjects.

  9. Hey Erika! Isn't that awesome!? I got it with bonus points from the Lucky Scholastic Book Club :)


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