Can you tell me how to get, how to get to Sesame Street?
     One of my earliest memories is being drawn into the wonderful world of Sesame Street. I really believed that one day I would go there and meet Bob and Maria. I couldn't wait to shop at Mr. Hooper's store. And of course, I knew for a fact that I would be the one person that would actually see that elusive ol' Snuffleupagus. I sang along with every song (Ladybug Picnic was a personal favorite). I counted out loud with the Count and most importantly, I read along with every word. My mom loved being able to tell people that I insisted on getting my library card at age 5. I'm sure Big Bird had something to do with that. Plus, if the Bookmobile rolled up the street, I wanted to be able to go inside.
     I was an early reader. Truth be told, I don't ever remember learning how to read, I feel like I just always knew how. Looking back, I think the hours I was drawn in to my favorite childhood show was most certainly a factor.
     I've named my blog Sunny Days in reference to the opening line of the Sesame Street theme song, "Sunny day, sweeping the clouds away...". It's more than just a sentimental memory to me, it's a bit of a commentary of the state of public education in these often trying times. When I'm at school and I close my classroom door with my students safe inside with me - those are my sunny days that sweep the clouds away.
     I invite you to join me as I share stories, strategies, lessons and links from my Sunny Days in Second Grade.


  1. I just posted on your other post...I didn't realize you had just started!! Well done, I loved SS too! :)
    Fern Smith’s Classroom Ideas!

  2. Beautiful, Denise! You inspire me!


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