Contest Quckie

Oh Boy 4th Grade is having a contest that literally has me drooling! I am a serious clipart hoarder collector and I thought I knew all the best places to shop, but somehow I've been missing some freakin fabulous places!!  She is giving away $850 worth of digital scrapbooking kits that you can use to create cool things for your classroom or blog! I debated even sharing this contest, because I really want to win it myself, but I'm taking the chance that by doing the right thing and sharing, the Universe will send good clipart vibes my way. Click on the pic below to check it out. Ok, I've had my fingers uncrossed long enough to type this post. Now off to find that lucky rabbit's foot...

Just added! Another great giveaway at What the Teacher Wants~$25 to School Box Supplies. Click on the crayon head kid to enter!


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  1. sorry i didn't say it sooner but thanks for sharing this :)


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