Setting up for 2011 - day 1

Today was the first day I was allowed back in my room. Was it only two days ago I was floating down the lazy river without a care in the world? This year I moved across the hall to a room with a real Smartboard and WAY better air conditioning (hope I didn't just jinx myself!!). I wrote before about painting my bulletin boards, so I thought I'd share some pix of the process along with my progress setting up this week. I couldn't have done any of this without my hubby! He is super handy and great at painting.

Here's a little peek into my room on day 1. I'll be sharing some each day to document my progress. This is the first year I'm starting school as a blogger, so this is such a cool experience for me. (I also happen to think this would be great for some other non-teacher types to see just how much we do to get the room ready for our little munchkins) So, welcome to my room & I'll see you again tomorrow!



  1. Did you have to use a special kind of primer and paint on the bulletin board? Did you have to ask permission to paint them? I don't know if our principal would be down with that... I love the idea!

  2. Hey there :)
    You only need to prime them if they're the real cork, the vinyl woven-looking ones don't need primer. We used Kilz water-based primer. For the actual paint, you'll just need a quart for each board and you'll have plenty left over. We used interior eggshell.
    I did ask permission first, but I sold it by telling her how much money we'd save by not buying bulletin board paper. Our school theme is protecting the planet, so I also swayed her with how much less paper we'd be wasting. If you ever switch rooms and the new person doesn't like your colors, they can just cover them like they normally would. Totally worth trying!

  3. Hey, Twin! Now you have that vent hump on the wall... so we are not twins anymore. :( I love how you sold the idea of painting the BB. I laughed so hard, but it is so true. I am still trying to get another BB in my new room. I haven't heard anything, as of yet. I will be going in tomorrow, so I will update my pictures, too. Can't wait to see what you do with your room. :)
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  4. I'm looking forward to the next set of pics to see your progress!

  5. I walked into my portable yesterday (Pasco, Fl)and almost passed out! It was hotter than a sauna! I think it's funny that you called the bulletin boards "naked". I tell everyone who doesn't put up border that theirs are naked. My ONE cork board was the first thing I had to get done.

  6. I have asked my principal for permission, too - hopefully she'll go for it since it really is a wonderful idea!


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