Setting up for 2011 - day 3

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Yesterday's blog post was brought to you by the letter M for Mess. Well, M decided to hang around for today as well. The day started with a migraine and ended with a miracle. The migraine delayed my arrival at school until after 10:00. We're kicked out of the building at 2:00, so that didn't leave me much time to get things done. Around noon I had the sinking feeling that today's progress pictures were going to look a heck of a lot like yesterday's. Between the migraine, the late start and the mess I still had in front of me I started to get overwhelmed. But I put on my big girl panties and just busted a move and lo and behold I got a lot done in just a short time. (Hence the aforementioned miracle!). I had lots of help from some older kids that delivered the boxes of books that were polluting the front of my room (thanks Kailie & Jess!).

So, here are the Day 3 progress pictures. I'm not allowed back in my room until Monday, but I'm pretty satisfied with the head start I have now. I had some questions about the Lowe's donation, so check below the slideshow if you're interested in that...

I had a student whose father was a Lowe's manager last year. He told me that Lowe's does a lot of community donations and if there was anything I could use all I had to do is write a letter on school letter head and send it to him at the store. So, I did! I ended up getting that awesome cubby shelf, two plastic storage drawer sets, the traffic pattern rug in my library, a vacuum for the room and some foam floor mats. Incredible right? So big props to Lowe's!! I'm guessing that the Lowe's in your area might do the same if you asked. It's worth a try. I can't wait to send him a thank you with pictures of the donations in use. See, some people out there still like us teachers ;0)



  1. It's looking good in there! Can't wait to see how you jazz up your boards next week! Hope you're feeling better too. :)

  2. I'd *LOVE* some more info about how you wrote your letter to Lowe's. What kinds of info did you include? Did you ask for specific items or a monetary donation? did you do so without sounding too greedy or like you were asking for handouts (when, in fact, you are! lol!).

    Your room looks great and you'll be glad to have a 4 day weekend so *enjoy* it! :)

  3. Denise - your room is looking fantastic! I can only hope to get as much done as you have in your short amount of time. :o)

  4. Denise,
    You are welcome to come over to my classroom tomorrow and help me set up. LOL! Your room looks amazing!!

    Just 4 Teachers: Sharing Across Borders

  5. What a great room. Looks like you are ready for a great Second Grade year. I just took some photos of my classroom and posted them yesterday too! Haven't had very good luck with Donors Choose. Did you do anything in particular to promote your project to get your rug?

  6. I know that I haven't mentioned it before, but I just LOVE your signature :)


  7. CUTE! I would SO be on the Basket Hoarders show with you! Just today I gathered all the empty ones and stacked them on my Guided Reading table so I can figure out what to do with them! LOL. That is so cool about Lowe's--I am SO looking into it! :D

  8. First love love the room!

    A)Why did they kick you out at 2....
    B)I've always said that one of the few organized things in my house is my baskets as I have so many(containers of all sorts)
    C) Your garbage can spray paint it, then put stickers on it ! foo foo it (what we call decorating at school)

    Thanks for sharing!

  9. Wow! You did get a lot done today - congrats!!! Your room is looking fantastic! I love how you put together your classroom pictures in a slideshow - must remember that when I post my pictures.
    Runde's Room

  10. Oh my, I TOTALLY identify with your container hoarding! My fiancee went to school with me to help me set up today and commented about the (rather large) stack of containers on one of the tables. Then I had to sheepishly carry in the equally large stash of newly bought containers I had been toting around in my trunk. This was the day after I almost pulled over on the side of the road to pick up a milk crate sitting by a dumpster. My fiancee told me not to and he would bring me home one from work.... Then I asked him if I could have 6. I might have a problem.

    I would also love to hear more information about the letter you wrote to Lowes. And no, I would not wish for more cointainers. I would wish for more shelves to HOLD my new containers. :D And a carpet cleaner to clean that nasty carpet my school doesn't see fit to clean. Ever.

    Having Fun K-1


  11. I love your classroom! I have some of the same book bins from Dollar Tree. Thanks for the share :)



  12. Wow! You have gotten SO much done in so little time. It's looking great!
    -Fellow Basket Hoarder

  13. Your slide show is awesome! Thanks for join my linky party!!

    Curls and a Smile

  14. You have a "dream classroom"! So many great learning spots! Love the Donors Choose rug!

  15. Your room looks terrific! I'm so impressed. Love the Lowes idea... just might have to give it a try.
    thanks for sharing!
    Lory's Page


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