I'm Busy AND Fascinating!

Hey friends!
Why does it always seem that the short weeks at school are the busiest? I'm seriously only teaching for one and a half days this week and it's been nutso with all the other stuff I've had to squeeze in. Well, such is the life of a busy and fascinating teacher such as myself. What am I talking about? Well, looky below and you will see that this little ol' blog of mine has been nominated for two awards! The first one is the Busy Teacher Award (Best Teacher Blog) and the second is the Most Fascinating Blog of 2011 (Teaching Blog). Now I know, you're thinking - well isn't she all full of herself all of a sudden?! No, not really. I'm not exactly sure of the pristine nature of these fairly new awards, but it's kind of neat nonetheless. I certainly am busy, but fascinating...well, my little seven year old nuggets think I'm pretty cool. 

If you feel like making an extra click or two to vote, I'd appreciate it. I think you can vote once a day, but I won't hound remind you every day.  In this case, I kind of feel like that old cliche' feels appropriate - it was an honor just to be nominated. Ok, cue the violin music...

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Oh, and before I go be sure to check out this great contest over at First Grade Ala Carte! It's Kathy's blog birthday and the prize package is unbelievable, including one from yours truly. 
 There are some freebies for everyone as well. 
Click on the balloons to join the par-tay!

I've got some great February freebies coming up, the first of which I hope to have ready for you tonight! See you soon!



  1. Congrats on the awards...you definitely have earned all the recognition you get!! And, thanks for mentioning the giveaway! Yippee!

  2. Congrats!

    Kathy sent me!

    Check out my blog too!

    :) Tamera


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