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I am so crazy excited to be blog swapping today with Brandi Jordan from The Teachers' Lounge which is Really Good Stuff's blog! If you're covered in snow today, hopefully our posts will help you think ahead to the first signs of spring! Enjoy Brandi's super cute recycled flower idea and then head over to check out my Lucky to be a Family St. Patty's Day project!

Recycled Flower Craft by Brandi Jordan

Spring, with its warmer weather and bright colors, cannot come soon enough after winters dull browns and dreary grey skies.  It is the perfect season for sparking children’s imagination and seeing wonder light up their eyes when they see that first tiny  flower shoot making its appearance.  Unfortunately, spring is also filled with rain that, while it makes the flowers grow, can also lead to restless students (and teachers!).  On those days when you cannot go out to explore the flowers growing on the playground, bring a bit of spring sunshine into class with a recycled craft that is perfect for the new season.

I am a big fan of flowers and love flower-related crafts, because they are an instant pick-me-up.  It is rare to see someone grumpy over flowers!  This craft turns ordinary paper strips into a flower with the help of a bit of glue or tape.  To conserve materials, I used old scrapbook paper that I had from a previous project, but strips from old magazines, leftover strips of construction paper from paper chains, or the pile of not-copied-quite-right papers in the copy room would work well.  The more colorful you want the flowers to be, the more colorful the paper should be, so keep that in mind when selecting materials.

You Will Need:
9 strips of paper per flower - approximately 1.5” wide by 11” long (the length of whatever paper you are using should be fine)
Strong Glue Stick or tape

Getting Started:
1.   Start by separating the paper strips into two piles.  One pile should contain the 7 strips that you want to use for the flower petals and center.  The other pile should include the strip of paper that you want to use for the stem and leaf.
2.  Make a circle out of one of the petal strips and glue or tape it to the end of the stem strip.  Make another circle for the center of the flower and glue or tape it to the opposite side of the same end of the stem. 
3.  Continue making circles with the paper and taping or gluing them around and to the center circle on the flower.  There should be enough room for about 6 petals including the one that you attached first.
4.  After the petals are on, create a circle for the leaf and glue or tape it to the opposite end of the flower stem. 
5.  When the glue has dried completely* and the flowers are done, hang them on a bulletin board or send them home with a Mother’s Day or spring message.

*Tip:  If you are having trouble getting the end of the paper to stick together, use a paperclip to hold each juncture in place and remove it after the glue has dried.

What are some of your favorite spring crafts?  Do you have one that you do year after year or do you alter your craft projects for variety? 

About the Author

Brandi Jordan is a mom, teacher, wife, author, and expert multi-tasker.  She is the Managing Director of Really Good Stuff’s blog, The Teachers’ Lounge, and her newest ebook, A Teacher’s Guide to Using Social Media and The Internet in the Classroom, was just released for free download.  Follow her on Pinterest and chat with her during #TeachChat every other Wednesday night from 9-10pm EST.



  1. I love it when you post crafty things!! Did I tell you I made your recipe hanger thingy for xmas presents?? lol

    ♥ Jen
    The Teachers' Cauldron

    1. I love those hangers! I have one in my kitchen that holds recipes and every time people come over I end up having to promise to make one for them so they don't take mine home!!

  2. What a great idea. . and while I'm not covered in snow. . . it's still pretty cold here in Michigan. I will remember this idea and put it into action very soon. Thanks for the idea.


    Second In Line

  3. So cute! I am always looking for ways to recycle and save materials :) love your stuff keep it up, and thanks for the support right back :)


  4. This is nice and really creative. Good job with the post. thank you so much.
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