Day 1 Pictures and a Freebie!

I am officially back to work. I am officially tired. I am officially the owner of the two most sore feet EV-ER! My fingers are sore from opening boxes with my fingernails and my migraines have made a suspicious reappearance after leaving me all summer. I thought we broke up, but I guess not.  Already my lazy days of reading trashy romance novels and working on my own time feels like a distant memory... I know I'm preaching to the choir here. But you get me, right? We can be honest with each other. The first week back is TOUGH. It's dirty, hot, overwhelming, and exhausting both mentally and physically. And that's before the kids even walk in the door! Thankfully, once they do it all suddenly seems so worth it. I'm really looking forward to meeting my new little nuggets this Friday.

So, here's what I've been up to. We were welcomed back with this fantastic new teacher's lounge makeover. It's like an Ikea showroom. The pix don't do it justice. We used to have 3 round tables with mix-matched chairs all crammed on top of each other with nothing pretty on the walls, one janky old microwave I wouldn't even think of using because it had about 5 years of other people's lunches baked into it and it was just kind of blah. Looks super cute now, right? I'll get a close up of that long bulletin board in the back. They added a painted wood frame w/molding and it looks so nice up close!

Then we had a faculty meeting for about 2 hours. High points: reconnecting with my peeps & a breakfast provided by our uber generous PTA. Low points: pretty much the rest. It wasn't terrible or even unnecessary and actually shorter than I expected,  but really, does anyone love faculty meetings? These cute little placemats welcomed us to the table. I, for one, appreciate little touches like this.

So, next I went to my room. I already got a nice head start last week, so I hung up my AR Points goal banner. I love the pennant craze that I'm seeing all over, but I didn't really have room for a welcome one, so I made this one! The kids will move their itty-bitty clothespin (Wal-mart find) to the next flag when they reach that number of points. You can download it free from TPT if you think you want to use it in your room. Just click {HERE}

Then I spent way too long trying to get this ginormous sticker off of my duck which I still have no idea what I'm going to do with.

Then another meeting that I didn't take a picture of. You're not missing anything, trust me. Then I left right on time to meet one of my besties who was visiting from Michigan. No pic of that either. But she did bring me the best cupcakes in the world (Misha's for my local peeps). I ate four one when I drove got home. And then I cried a little because I miss her. a lot.

Then, I barely remember the rest. I'm pretty sure a shower was part of the rest of the night but I can't be one-hundred percent sure. Nobody stayed particularly far away from me the next day, so chances are good I did.

So, that brings you up to speed on Day 1. Tomorrow is Day 3. I'm already behind. Sounds about right...

For more freebies to start the year off right, visit the ever-amazing TBA!
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  1. Oh my goodness, long day!! Hope your migraine is better!

  2. I found day three of students not as tiring as the first two...Good luck.


    A Time to Share & Create


    Fabulous 4th Grade

  3. I am always amazed at how little the kids seem in September {and needy!}. The first couple of weeks are deadly so I really hope your migraines GO AWAY. This job is tough enough even when you feel well! Good luck with the rest of your week.
    Natalies Nook

  4. I am a migraine sufferer as well. Except mine only happen when we are IN school and only on Mondays so I feel your pain (literally!). We head back Monday! So I am NOT looking forward to that! Good luck on the rest of your week!


    Simple In Second

  5. Thanks for your honest reflections. I am a first year teacher, and we start September 4th. Its a brand new school and its still under construction... I am stressing a bit about getting everything done on time! I have never had to set up a classroom before, but love seeing pictures of others rooms, so thank you for sharing!

  6. I love this post. Actually I love all your stuff! I feel your agony. I pray you feel better. God bless.

  7. I love the AR pennant! It's a super cute idea and so simple!

    Teaching Fourth

  8. Loving that AR pennant!! And the tree! And the owl!
    In love!
    And I want a cupcake!

  9. I love your sticker tree!! Do you remember where you got it from? My theme for my room is owls and I made a tree out of paper but that one is so much cuter! I may be a year late but I love following your blog! This is my first full year teaching and your posts give me so many great ideas!


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