Scent-sational team gift idea!

Right about now I should be in the middle of literacy block, but instead, I'm in my living room having a late breakfast and my 5th cup of coffee thanks to Tropical Storm Isaac. It's a snow day equivalent for us Floridians. Here's a glimpse of what's happening in my backyard...
The rain bands and wind gusts have been much stronger throughout the day yesterday and all night. It's been pretty much non-stop raining for the the last 20 hours. The canal in my backyard is usually about 4-5 feet lower than it is now. It could definitely be much worse, but I'm super glad I don't have to be driving around or corralling kids to and from lunch and dismissal in this!

While I had some time, I thought I'd share the welcome gift I made for my teammies this year. I love my team. seriously. This year I gave them all my favorite Yankee Candle room spray, Beach Walk. They were on sale at about $5 each. Look online for coupons, you can usually find some. I just tucked them in a clear bag w/some shreddies and added a tag. You can download the tag {HERE} from GoogleDocs if you want to make some yourself.

I don't always love air freshener sprays, but this one is awesome! Very clean and beachy. They all seemed to like it. I keep one stashed in my school bathroom in a metal trash can (feminine disposal thing?) that never gets used. My little beachy secret...

Here's another cute gift idea. A new teacher at our school gave one of these attached to a bag of m&m's to every single teacher! Sweet, right? I don't have the printable to share, since I didn't create this one.

I hope all my Florida peeps are staying dry. Let's all cross our fingers and send hurricane moving vibes to keep Isaac away from New Orleans and everyone else for that matter...


  1. What a sweet gift for your team! And I love your co-workers M & M gift. Cute!

    Fun in Room 4B

  2. Those are so cute! Our district decided to have school today - CRAZY. There was a tornado west of town and all kinds of flooding. Our power went out for 50 minutes and our emergency lights did not come on in the kindergarten wing!!! I used my flash light on my phone and we sat in a circle on the rug! Luckily, we had already talked about how "safe" we were at school and practiced hanging out in my "safe space" - my class bathroom- my whole class fits in there! That was actually pretty funny. Except my 2 normal criers everyone else hung in there. I was the LONGEST day ever! I did check on my neighbor teacher and asked if she had posted her essential question for this! We also go back tomorrow - we will see what adventures that brings.:) jh

  3. So cute! My staff does nothing of the sort! I like that M&M thing for the parents (changed a little) for BTSN :)
    Stay safe with that weather!

  4. Kimmy, you are so sweet and generous! You took such care in blogging about our swap and
    about me! Thank you so much!!
    christmas gifts

  5. Thanks for sharing the gift ideas--I am an m&m lover! I hope you are all safe!!

  6. I really like the room spray gift idea! It's useful and creative!Thanks for sharing both of these ideas!I'm giving my teammates a rhinestone travel coffee mug. Come check out my post about it if you have time. I'll take your idea for next year!

    Can't imagine living with the fear of hurricane damage. Hope all is well.

    Creative Lesson Cafe


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