Interesting New Reading Material

I've got a few new interesting finds for reading today, both for you personally and for your students.

First up is an amazing new educational emagazine published by my friend Charity Preston, founder of The Organized Classroom Blog, Classroom Freebies, Common Core Lessons, and many, many more outstanding go-to resources. The premier issue is free and I've embedded it below, so you can peruse it right here. There are lots of teacher magazines, but most are aimed at professional development, activism, research or classroom ideas. This is different because it's more of a lifestyle magazine for teachers. I thoroughly enjoyed it and I hope you do too! Click HERE to learn how to subscribe to future issues.
Next up - RUN to Target! (after you finish reading, of course) The good folks at Highlights Magazine sent me a package in the mail filled with all of these little activity books. At first glance I thought, cool, my kids will like these for treasure box prizes. Then I looked at them a little closer and realized I could actually put them to better use in my classroom! Titles include Kids Science Questions, Poems to Go, Stories with Picture Cues along with activity pads for writing and puzzles. I love the big hidden picture poster. I'm going to put it up as one of my early finisher activities. All of these should be available in your Target Dollar Spot through March. I'm over the moon that for once the big find at the Dollar Spot was actually delivered to my door! And P.S. Did you know that Highlights has a blog? Well, they do. It's great and you can find it here.
I got yet another interesting package in the mail a while ago. Imagine my intrigue when I pulled this out of my mailbox. Coupled with the fact that the return address was from Carson-Dellosa, I couldn't rip that package open quick enough!

Inside were three new Spectrum Readers in their Common Core nonfiction book series for kids. Getting kids interested in nonfiction just keeps getting easier and easier with resources like this, right? 
I was really impressed with the content and visuals. They're also sturdy books. I've been noticing lately that some of the paperback books that I buy feel so flimsy, which is not a good thing in the hands of excited seven year-olds! Another impressive fact - they're only $3.99 each! Definitely worth checking out, which you can do HERE.
And now just some housekeeping. I hosted two giveaways recently and the winners have been chosen AND they have both replied claiming their prizes, which believe it or not doesn't always happen! The winner of the MeCorder giveaway was Ashley P and the winner of the All You Need Is Love giveaway was Sarah M. Congrats ladies!
And finally, I want to thank those you who who have been reading and linking up to my Show and Tell Tuesday posts! I haven't been able to read and respond to all the link ups because I've been amazingly obsessed with my latest project (more details soon!) but please know that I do read them and super, duper love that you linked up! 
Have a great weekend!


  1. I have had my eye on those Carson-Dellosa nonfiction readers! I participated in a Carson-Dellosa focus session this past week and got a gift maybe I will pick up some of those with it!

    That's So Second Grade!

  2. how do yo get signed up to receive so many goodies?

  3. Wow! Lots of great tips and book suggestions! Thanks!

    Live Love Laugh and Teach!

  4. You are awesome, as always! Hope you can get some rest and enjoy your weekend before starting on your next project! Can't wait to download the march printables. Love your packets :)

  5. How terrific! My 2nd's would love every one. But here in the land of mother Mayo our favorite would be the human body. The kids are always wondering about body stuff!


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