Show and Tell Tuesday - Super Sale Stuff!

There was a time when I'd get super excited to go to the "teacher store" to look for new resources. I'd never leave empty handed, that's for sure. Over 20 years of doing that resulted in LOTS of resource books piled up on my shelves, most of which I rarely used more than a few pages from. Add to that years and years worth of Mailbox Magazine subscriptions and I'm pretty sure I could open my own teacher resource store!

So when I discovered tpt, I was instantly in love. Browsing for great instructional materials was a lot easier from the comfort of my couch and jammies at any time of the day or night! I especially loved not having the physical books to store anymore. And the absolute best part was how much cheaper everything was! I would typically spend about $15 on one resource book at the store. For $15 on tpt I could buy at least 3-4 really good, complete lessons or center activities that were exactly (and only) what I needed.  So at the end of last year I weeded out my uber giant collection of resource books and kept only a few very favorites and gave away the rest. I'm loving all the extra shelf space I have. I rarely even look at most of the ones I kept, actually. As a buyer, I'd be lost without tpt!

See! 180 Purchases and still have over 100 items on my wishlist. eek!

Now as a seller, I have to thank any of you who have ever shopped at my little corner of the market. I know exactly what it  means when you spend your hard earned personal money on resources for your classroom and I strive to create top quality resources at the most reasonable prices that I can offer {along with lots of freebies!}

For this week's show and tell, I thought it would be fun to share some of your favorite purchases from the recent Super Sunday Sale (or even if it wasn't from Sunday, that's ok too. I won't tattle).

So here is some of my haul from Sunday. Just click on any of the pictures to check them out on tpt. You can see I was a little clipart obsessed, but that's really nothing new...

So, link up and show everyone your favorite tpt purchases! If you're not a blogger, feel free to leave a comment telling us. I love finding new things this way. The only rule is that it must be a blog post about your purchases and it must include the button below that links back here.  


  1. I know the feeling... My resource book shelf (or full bookcase as the case may be) is a stuffed! Now it's my computer full of great resources. I love that I can just do a search and the computer will find it for me, instead of digging on my shelves for just the book I want!

    The Lower Elementary Cottage

  2. I cleaned out my resource materials last year. Love the extra room! Thanks for the link-up.

    Ms.Smarty Pants

  3. I agree- my resource books just collect dust now! TPT rocks! Now to just get the will to get rid of them. :-o

  4. So many great products!! Thanks for sharing and letting us show off what we bought!

  5. You are one serious shopper girl! 180 products?
    My Second Sense

  6. I love your shaker bottles. I've made one and am working on my second one right now. . It's a snow day for us!

    I even blogged about it, I hope you don't mind. I gave you lots of credit and links back to your blog. You can check it out if you'd like.
    Thanks so much for sharing!
    Second In Line


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