Get Ready for December!

I'm sure you've heard the news by now, but it does bear repeating. The big TpT Cyber Monday & Tuesday sale is upon us! Hey, anytime we can save a few dollars it's worth spreading the news. Of course, I'm a seller but I'm also a HUGE buyer! See...this is a snapshot from "My Purchases":
I've purchased 279 items from TpT! Ready for my wish list?

230 items on my wish list! Not sure how many I'll actually purchase during the sale, but knowing me, it will be quite a few. So as a buyer, I really do appreciate when my favorite sellers highlight their new schtuff for me to peruse. How do you think my wish list is up over 200 items? 

So, I thought you all might like to see some of my December resources in case you're filling up your cart for the big sale. If you're a newsletter subscriber, some of this will look really familiar ;)

Be sure to leave feedback on all of your recent purchases before you shop so you can use those credits to save even more! Be sure to use the code CYBER when shopping on Monday and Tuesday. Well, besides shopping and leaving feedback, I've got tons of planning to do! I'd really super love to be all planned up until winter break, but right now I'd feel really great if I just knew what the heck I was going to do come Monday morning...


  1. Those numbers look very similar to mine! I was going through my wish list last night "wishing" that there was some way to categorize it or have multiple wish lists, like Amazon! Happy shopping tomorrow!

    What I Have Learned

  2. I know I'll be purchasing the rest of your Smart Board math! Love them!


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