Ready, Set, Print - January!

So, how were your holidays?! My Christmas was fantastic. I was super stressed about shopping and waiting so long to decorate, but in the end everything was wonderful and I'm left feeling blessed beyond belief. And exhausted...but that's what the holidays are all about, right?

In the midst of all the holiday hoopla, I've managed to mostly turn off my teacher brain, but my TpT brain never quite shuts off completely. I swear ideas pop into my brain as I'm trying to fall asleep, or standing in line, driving the car...  I have random little slips of paper and notes on my phone that are sometimes pretty funny to decipher when I sit down to work! Luckily, I can usually figure them out.

My latest obsession is updating my printable packs. I've added tons to the January pack and even jazzed up  the name from January Printable Pack to January's Ready, Set, Print!

Another, more important improvement I made was aligning each page with Common Core Standards for grades 1-3, to help you plan. As always, each page also has a bit of an extra challenge for kids who finish early. And every page has an answer key. Nothing frustrates me more than buying a great pack on TpT then having to make my own answer key. I know that sounds silly, but it's a big deal to me!

I added a few different phonics pages because I found my kids struggling with some common spelling patterns.

Fact and Opinion was another biggie my kids are struggling with, so I added a practice page for that, along with a nice parts of speech review and some ABC order, critical thinking and some writing/research forms. 
Can't forget about math! You'll find some addition and subtraction, line plot graphing, expanded form and more. Altogether there are 32 pages of goodies to choose from!

I use these pages in a few different ways. I choose a few to make a "challenge pack" for my kids as a choice for them to work on when they're finished with classwork. I use some for homework, some for morning work, and I especially rely on them for sub plans. As team leader and gifted teacher, I'm out of the room for meetings a few times a month and I love having these as go to activities for my kids.

I really try to pack each page with things that are worth printing. If I wouldn't use up my copy allowance on it, I wouldn't expect you to either! 

I hope you find them as useful as I do. I'm always open to suggestions, so feel free to leave a comment with things you'd like to see in future packs. I'm working on updating February now. 

P.S. Remember if you already purchased the original January Printable Pack last year, just re-download to get all the newest additions.

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