My Truth Monday - Favorite App or Website (and a contest!)

So, full moon the week before winter break...oh, what a sense of humor you have Mother Nature!!
I have about eleventy billion things to do besides actually be a full time teacher this week, but I didn't want to let My Truth Monday slip past me. I hope you all enjoyed the ridiculousness I shared last week. I know I'm not alone in my misheard lyric wonderland, which makes me a feel a tiny bit better...

So, in case I didn't embarrass myself enough, here I go again. This week, I thought it would be fun to share a favorite app. It goes without saying that my real favorite apps are Facebook and Instagram. I'd also have to say Kindle, Groupon, Paypal, and when I'm in the zone - MyFitnessPal. I don't play a ton of games on my phone (although there was a time when I counted down the days waiting for the Farmville app! #nerdalert  #formerfarmvillefarmer  #dontjudge) So today I planned on sharing an app that I found out wasn't really an app! It's just a website, so since I make up the rules around these parts, I shall now include websites along with apps for today's My Truth Monday. To further mess up my plans, I found out that the free non-app, website only I wanted to share with you isn't free either! I think at this point most people would turn around and just share something else. But people, my brain is so full with to-do lists, to-buy lists, to-decorate lists, to-bake lists, and try-not-to-freakout-lists, that it was easier for me to just pay and be done with it.

So, the free app I'm sharing today is neither free, nor an app. {Where's the freakin eggnog??}
But in hopes that it will at least bring you a laugh, here it is. Me and some of my best blogging buds dancing our hearts out for you. Now to up the fun factor, I'm throwing a little challenge your way. Leave a comment here correctly naming each blogger in this video AND link up with your own favorite app or website and I'll choose one winner at random to pick any product they'd like from my store!

So, click on the picture below to see my favorite non-free, non-app app. If you're linking up, be sure to grab the button below. If you want to enter the contest, link up AND correctly name each blogger in the video with me! Adios muchachos!


  1. I was laying in bed stressing over all my lists.....thanks for the laugh and always keeping it real !!! Merry Christmas Denise !!

  2. I see you, April from A Modern Teacher, Reagan Tunstall, but I'm not sure on the other two!


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