Birthday Board Display!

I'm super excited to be partnering with Michaels again for the Create2Educate back to school promotion. Let me loose in Michaels, and there's no telling what I'll create! You can check out last year's ideas here. Just like last year, I had a blast cruising the aisles and deciding what to create.

I immediately saw that burlap seems to be the "it" material this year! So I picked up an awesome burlap canvas frame and colored burlap swatches in a Mat Stack. I had an idea rolling around my head to make a birthday display so I headed over to the sticker section to get some glittery letters. On my way there I spied some great chalkboard circles and gorgeous blue silky flowers that are designed to be flip-flop embellishments (but of course I had other ideas...) and the idea became crystal clear.

I used the fantastic KG font A Little Swag as a pattern for the pennant. I cut quite a few of each color so I could play around with the arrangement and I ended up only using one of each swatch from the Mat Pack! I didn't take a picture of this part, but I lined up all the pennant pieces on a string and taped them from the back to temporarily hold them in place.

When I liked the arrangement, I put a dab of E-6000 glue behind each pennant piece to stick it to the burlap. Then I added the sparkly stickers to spell Happy Birthday!

I made a small slit in each corner of the burlap canvas and slipped the flip-flop flower in it and clipped it closed. Then I just stapled the green ribbon across the bottom of the frame and added the clothespin. 
To display students birthdays, I picked up 12 of the black chalkboard circles and some chalk markers. Now each month I'll just change out the circles! The best part is that those chalk markers erase right off with a damp cloth, so I can use them again next year!

Michaels would love to see what you can do to inspire your students this year! It's easy peasy to enter and you could win a $50 gift card!

Happy Crafting, my friends!

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