Number of the Day / Morning Meeting Board

I've been thinking of my classroom set up pretty obsessively, especially my bulletin boards. They haven't been what I've wanted for a long time, but I wasn't sure what I wanted, so they just stayed pretty mediocre. But I'm super excited to change that this year!  The first step on the road to better bulletin board is going to be my Number of the Day/ Morning Meeting board. 

My plan is to model writing on the board for the first couple of weeks and then gradually turn it over to my students. I posted this pic on Instagram, and asked what other components I should add and the response kind of blew me away! One thing led to another and I said I'd do my best to get it listed in time for the sale. Somehow I did it! Yay!

I have a feeling that I'll be adding more to the set, but the great thing about tpt is that you can always download any revisions once you own it.  You can see it in my store HERE.

I made lots of different components so you can change it up and customize your board according to your needs. I'm definitely open to suggestions too. I'll post some pics of it when it's actually up in my room. {Which I get to start tackling tomorrow. yay! I think!}

Don't forget the big sale is Monday and Tuesday on tpt! My cart is full. I may have a problem...

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