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Glad that you were able to join us for the third annual Orange Ya' Glad it's a Blog Hop!
I am the

If you have hopped with us in the past, some things will be familiar, and some things will be new!
This year, all of our bloggers are focusing on free tips or ideas that they can share with you to get your school year off to a great start.  Some ideas will have a freebie, others might just be a stand alone concept.  The idea is to try and share things that will solve problems and create a happy and stress free first few weeks!

Today I'm sharing an idea for a fun first day activity that my team and I have been doing for a couple of years and it's always a HUGE hit. It's practically zero prep for you, so win-win!  I think ice-breakers fall into two categories for most kids - exciting or terrifying. Your outgoing, verbal kids love them and get super into them. Your shy, introverted kids can't wait for them to be over. This one usually works really well for both kinds of kids. And it involves play-doh - what kid doesn't like play-doh!? I'm sure there are probably some, but luckily I haven't found one yet.

So, this is super simple. Give each kid a little mini-tub of play-doh and let them explore for a few minutes. Then tell them to use it to create something that they can use to tell about themselves. I usually model something quick like a coffee cup or apple while they're sculpting so I can start things off.

The explanations are usually pretty awesome.
Huge water slide on a cruise ship:

A girl and her family:

Baking cookies with grandma:

Pancake breakfasts on the weekend:

I love science!

Taking care of the dog:

Instead of putting each child on the spot and making them talk in front of the whole class, I have half of the class stay with their creation and let the other half wander around. Then they chat informally with each other. Then we switch. It's a great way to get the conversation flowing in a very non-threatening, fun environment! Sometimes you can find mini-tubs of play-doh(ish stuff) at Dollar Tree. So far this year, it's been a little hard to find them there. You can get this set of 10 on Amazon for $4.99.
So back to the hop. I'm letter

 The letters all work together to give you the name of a type of orange!  This year is a bit's a two word name!  **Hint: Starting on my blog and going through will give you the right answer!** 

Once you've solved the puzzle...take a picture of the answer.  
Post it on instagram and hashtag it with #orangehop2015.  We love original, do something fun with your image!

We will go through the pictures and select a winner.

Next up is another amazing Sunshine State blogger, the adorableTammy 
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  1. Great idea Denise! Pay-doh is always a hit and I love the "walk and talk" idea to get the kids sharing:) Have a great back to school season:)

  2. Yes! Yes! Yes! :) This is a fantastic way to get kids chatting in a completely informal way! :) Love this and will definitely give it a go with my wee pirates this year! :) I always leave your blog with something amazing to add to my day, and I truly thank you for that! :)

  3. How fun!!! Play-dough on the first day?! You're the best teacher ever!!! ;) What a great idea to break the ice and get conversations going! Love it!!

  4. Love this idea! Encouraging creativity while getting to know the kids with a fun, structured idea.
    Sarah :)

  5. Oh this is great! Definitely doing this on the first day. Play Dough in itself is such a stress reducing tool! Thanks so much for the idea!

  6. Such a simple idea, but so powerful!! I LOVE it!

  7. Great way to get every student involved with their senses!

  8. Excellent idea! Going out tomorrow morning for some Play-dho! Thanks.


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