Pro Tip: Hanging Heavy Objects Without Nails

I've been working on my room for a couple of hours a day for the past couple of weeks. I have gotten a lot done, but there's still so much more to do! We report for the first day of pre-planning on Monday but it's ok. I work best under pressure!

I just wanted to share this quick and simple tip with you. My brain does NOT work this way, so I have to give credit to my husband for this one. My dilemma was that I wanted to hang this heavy wooden alligator from Hobby Lobby on my Brain Builder task card bulletin board.

When I tried to hang it with just a push pin and the metal hanger on the back, it was way too wobbly for me. I could just imagine a kid grabbing as set of cards and having that gator bonk him on the head which is a huge no-no.

So Jeff came up with a great idea, that totally worked. We used velcro! But I didn't want to put the adhesive part of the velcro directly onto the painted surface of the bulletin board because if I ever remove it, I don't want the paint coming with it.  So what we did was to first determine where he would go on the board and temporarily place him with push pins holding him up.

But nothing was securing him to the wall and it was way too flimsy. So we then stapled one side of the velcro to the board without removing the adhesive strip.

Then we stuck the other side of the strip on to the part we just stapled. THEN we exposed the adhesive. Then we pushed the gator into place which stuck the velcro to the back. In the end, I left of the push pins too even though it really feels strong enough with the velcro alone, but better safe than sorry!

The finished result:

The wooden alligator is from Hobby Lobby, I picked him up last year. He's our school mascot, so he's been just hanging around with no real purpose until now. I finally opened my YEAR OLD Silhouette Cameo and figured out how to work it (I KNOW!) to make the vinyl letters. Love how it turned out!

If you're interested in the task cards, I've got tons in my shop, but you can find the main bundles HERE and HERE.

Well, I'm off to enjoy my last weekend before we report back on Monday. If anyone sees my summer, can you please return it?  I seem to have misplaced it and I'd really like it back!


  1. I just love your clever idea. thanks...I will be using it in the future. I have READ up on a board with push pins and when it comes tumbling down...up goes the velcro.

  2. Oh my word, that would have been a great tip for the clock I kept re-hanging on a bulletin board last year! It was plastic and lightweight but still too much for the pushpin; I wish I'd had this tip the second or third time I had to put it back up! :) Thanks for sharing - your husband is brilliant!

    :) Amanda

  3. This is a great idea! We're not allowed to disturb our walls - even with staples - but, sometimes you just have to do what you need to do! (I've ruined my walls with tape so it's too late for me).

  4. Looks great, love the gator! (I pulled out my "2 year old" Silhouette Cameo this summer too, and figured out how to use it--slowly but funny?!

  5. Great tip! Thanks for sharing. I think every teacher has faced a decorating dilemma like that one. You and your husband's perseverance paid off! Terrific bulletin board!!!!


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