Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!

The Colossal Contest is over and we have a winner! One of our very own followers, Fern McAllister Smith! I'm so happy for you Fern!! When I saw her name I was almost as happy as if I had won myself. I know we have a Janine here too, but there's no last name on your profile. So if our Janine is Janine Fernandez, then I'm super doubly excited!!

This contest was such a success with so many TpT sellers gaining followers at their store, on Facebook and their blogs, that there is a serious buzz about what do do next to top this one! So, stay tuned for more chances to win some really amazing prizes.

As a participant in the contest, I am beyond grateful for all of the new followers who have joined us. I hope you'll stick around :)

During our 100th follower celebration, so many of you asked for the Center Six Pack Beach Theme - which was validation to me that you see this as a great classroom resource. But I did find a little oopsie in the copy I sent you. A revision and explanation can be found here (I hope!). It's just a little correction. If you purchased the actual file from TpT, you can go to your account and download the entire file again, or you can also just access the revision on Google Docs.  This is my first shot at using Google Docs. I've never worked with it before, but what a great way to share files! I can see so many uses for this, so I'm crossing my fingers that everyone is able to access the revision. If you left a comment with the resource you wanted and for some reason I haven't sent it yet, (JUDY - I STILL need your email address!)  please leave another comment below. It was just an oversight on my part.

12 more crazy, busy, jam packed, frantic but fun days of school left for us! I'll miss these kids for sure, but I'm so looking forward to that first Monday without an alarm clock ;)

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