To-Do List

If you are anything like me, your to-do list is growing faster than your lawn in the summertime. And speaking of summertime, it's almost here! Ah, coffee from a real mug, pajamas all day if I want, matinee movies with the hubs and lots of time to plan and write new curriculum. There's also lots of not-so-fun junk to catch up on, like jamming in all of our doctor's appointments (which have grown exponentially as I enter my 40's) and my yearly pledge to exercise every day. 

We have 13 more days of school left in our county and they are jam packed and I'm a little stressed out (Did I mention that I'm in charge of the end of the year luncheon and we still don't have a venue?? Or that I still have to have 18 conferences. Or that I have to pack my entire room and haven't moved one blessed thing?? uh oh...where are the Rolaids?)

Even though my schedule is a little insane, this blog remains a priority to  me. So I had to stop in and welcome all of the new members of our bloggy family. My how we've grown! This amazing contest might have something to do with it. So, let me add one more thing to your to-do list. Be sure to enter if you haven't already. These prizes are too amazing to miss out on.  Oh, and be sure to stop by The Organized Classroom blog for a cool freebie!

Thank you also for fulfilling a secret wish of mine to be an anonymous philanthropist by taking advantage of my 100th follower freebie offer. Ok, so it wasn't so anonymous, but it was pretty philanthropic, no? Seriously, if I ever won the lottery I would love to regularly fund Donor's Choose projects and buy up materials from new TpT sellers.  Of course, I would also spend some time shopping, traveling and making sure all of the 5 star spas I read about are really up to snuff. Seriously though, It excites me to know that my materials are now in classrooms across the country (and the world!) making teachers' lives easier and kids' days a little brighter. ( Ok, I know it wasn't THAT big a deal, but it still felt good, dang it!).

I've got lots of great new posts coming soon, like a step by step tutorial for making these cool domino magnets that are great room parent gifts.

So, welcome new followers and and special thanks to those of you that have been here from the beginning (a whole 2 months ago!). I can't wait to spend the summer together!


  1. Awesome cute picts - as usual! (and thanks for including me as well) :) Hope you have as little stress as possible heading to the finish line!

  2. I hope you get time to do everything! I have a to-Do list book, and it is never clear :( I amm looking forward to getting the directions for the cute domino magnets, they look great.

  3. The magnets look great...can't wait to see the directions for the crafty-incapable like me! I've been busy knocking out your table tent center directions for next it!
    And don't forget summer will be here and you can do what the public thinks we do, nothing, 'cause June, July and August is work free ... hahahahahahahaaaaaa...sorry, I'm choking from laughing so hard! :)

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  5. Hi Fern! I see you figured it out! Yay!! :)
    Good luck!


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