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       At the risk of sounding like a salesperson, which I so am not, there's a big sale going on at TeachersPayTeachers.  Enter the code TAD11 to get up to 40% off depending on the seller.  All of my things are 40% off until midnight Wednesday if you use the code, and then 20% off until Friday (no code required).

     It goes against my nature as a teacher to sell my things instead of sharing them freely, truly it does. I could barely get myself to post this. In fact, I should have posted it yesterday to coincide with the sale, but I decided not to at the last minute. Then, the servers at TpT crashed and the sale was extended through tonight. I took it as a sign to go ahead and post.

     It took me about two years to make the decision to join TpT as a seller. I just felt as if I was going against what I stood for as an educator and sort of selling out. However, the response from other teachers who have been buying my work is slowly convincing me that I made the right decision. I'm now getting the sense that other teachers actually appreciate the chance to purchase the work I'm creating because it saves them time and costs much less than they're used to paying.  I really feel like I produce high quality materials for way less than you'd pay at the teacher store. I also add in lots of freebies to reconcile the whole thing to myself.

     I promise that I won't just use this blog as an advertising ploy, ever. I really dislike that.  For me, from the start, I wanted this blog to be something more. Something of substance, a place where I can share a great idea, a funny story, be a little bright spot in your day, lift up our profession - and occasionally, like yesterday, have a place to let it all out. But a sale like this deserves a mention.

     It's a tough time to spend money out of your pocket, I know that as well as anyone.  But, if you are inclined to do so anyway, be sure to use the code to save big. All of the pictures below are samples of my work and almost everything you see below would be right around $2.

     Thank you bunches if you made it all the way down here to the end of this post. If you haven't already downloaded a copy, please hop over to my store to get the center below free of charge.  Happy Hump Day, it's all downhill from here. (Maybe that's not such a good analogy, huh?)



  1. I love your willingness to share for free, but do not feel guilty for selling. Your time is valuable. Plus, think about the amount of money you spend on your classroom each year.
    I love selling and see it as recognition for my hard work. My great sales inspire me to create more products to use with my students. I got rid of all my boring workbooks! I also buy from the great products available on TPT. So sell away and be proud of your fabulous work!
    Erica Bohrer's First Grade

  2. You must sell on TPT!!! I love your stuff and you are saving me so much time by already doing the planning! The time I save from your ideas gives me more time with my family, more time with my doggies and more time to "Coupon" to save more money!! You are worth every penny! And so is Erica! :)
    I would never, never, never have thought of Tasty Tuesday without you & it was worth every penny ~ next year is going to rock!!!
    Keep up the hard work,

  3. friend said we would never expect lawyers and accountants to give up free advice, why should we? We are equally as smart and equally as important! We should get paid for it! :)

  4. Erica - thanks for such a thoughtful comment. It took me so long to come to terms with selling. I really do love creating curriculum -between that and this blog, it gives me something to pour my energy into. The more positive comments I get on TpT, the more I realize it's the right thing to do!

    P.S. I think your work is fantastic too!

  5. Aww, Fern - thanks!!
    Now I can go to sleep with a nice case of the warm fuzzies :)


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