Wish You Were Here!

This is what I spent quite a few hours staring at yesterday. 

Now just imagine an icy cold refreshment and "Brown Eyed Girl" and other similar summer tunes in the background. Don't forget the unmistakable scent of suntan lotion and the soft crashing of waves mixed with the sounds of children laughing...nice right? There is just something so relaxing about sitting with your toes in the sand. My hubby and I needed this little retreat. We're enjoying a pre-summer-vacation-vacation on the beautiful west coast of Florida. For us, it's just a short drive over Alligator Alley to the white sandy beaches of Naples, Captiva, and Bonita Springs. We've still got two weeks of school left and after this little break, I think I'm recharged enough to tackle them full force!

Enjoying this amazing scenery with him sitting right next to me was priceless but even as we sat there on the beach I had to force the "teachery" thoughts I had out of the forefront of my brain (like the small roped off area you can see if you look really closely which is protecting a sea turtle nest that prompted a zillion teaching ideas). Of course, I also worked on ideas for new centers on the way over and I finally figured out what to do for my room mom gifts which I'll share a little later (don't want to spoil the surprise).

I'm off to a nice dinner with the hubby at one of our favorite restaurants over here where I'm sure I'm going to eat way too much and enjoy every single second of it.

Hope you are all enjoying your weekend as much as I am!


  1. These little breaks really makes a person a kinder, calmer, gentler teacher! Good for you! {both!}

  2. I too am just a hop away from Naples!! Sometimes heading to the beach is the best way to unwind and decompress!!


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