Dream Room Design Project

Last week I was here:

Doing this:
And it was fantastic.

This week I was doing this:

With them:
 And it was also pretty fantastic :)

My class is has reached that really sweet spot where they're independent enough to work on a extended project. Being the first week back from spring break, I felt like it was perfect timing for just such a project. We started by designing our dream bedroom. I told them that my biggest wish at their age was to have my own phone in my room. Considering that most of them actually have their own phone in their backpack, they thought that was a weird thing to wish for. Then I told them about my black and white tv with actual dials that changed channels and I completely lost them. And then I took some Geritol followed by a chaser of Centrum Silver and we continued...

Over the course of a week, we used the planning page to design our room, create a paint swatch, and choose the flooring. We listed everything we would or wouldn't want in the room. Then we made a triangle diorama and created the room that we designed. They went way above and beyond!

It was so cool to see their plans come to life! We had lots of great discussions about how the final project changed from the planning page. They talked about why they left some things out when they made the actual project and why they added some things they forgot about while planning. They were completely engaged and engrossed! 
On Monday we're going to write about our rooms with lots of detail and descriptions. Now that they can actually see it, that should be the easy part.  This project was an extension of  the planning sheet which is part of my 50 Printables for Enrichment or Early Finishers, but the free preview for the unit has this sheet in it as a sample activity - which you can download here

As for the rest of the pack, I make copies of about 10 pages at a time for each kid to have in their desk. We call it the challenge packet (very original, right?) and it's one of the many options for my early finishers to work on while the others catch up. Some never finish the first pack, some fly through it. I also use some of the pages for a center, subs or morning work if I need something quick. I've also used some for homework and they come in really handy for the last few weeks of school when you need the kids to be a little busy without you.
 If you like what you see in the rest of the pack, I put it on sale through Monday!

Have a great weekend!


  1. What a fun idea! My third graders this year are really into creating and they would just take off with this project. I'm now trying to figure out how to incorporate this activity into my end of the year lessons. Thanks for sharing.
    Third Grade Galore

  2. That project looks so fun and you pack looks amazing :)

    My (Not So) Elementary Life

  3. I love this project! My second graders are very close to that "Independent Project" stage. Their reading and writing skills are so close!

    Sally from Elementary Matters

  4. I love the dream room idea ! This packet looks very interesting.....I just found out I am moving to 3/4 next year so these will be very helpful :)

  5. Very cute idea! My second graders would love it!! :)

    EduKate and Inspire

  6. love the bedroom idea... and your enrichment printables... such a great packet to keep my gifted kids both engaged AND challenged :) fabulous... just like you :)

  7. I think this would be a lot of fun just for me to do!!!

    Best Practices 4 Teaching

  8. WOW! Those turned out so cute! I'm so impressed with your students. I haven't ever done those triangle dioramas before. What a great idea to make them into little rooms! Love it.
    Sarah's First Grade Snippets

  9. This is so cool Denise!! I loved seeing what they designed and I just love these kind of projects! It must be one of those years...I've been feeling old around my students too. But don't worry. I know we are both NOT old!!! Just wise ;)

  10. What a cute idea!! The pictures and projects are great! I wanted my own phone too! No way I was getting a TV!!
    Beach Sand and Lesson Plans

  11. Love the idea of your Challenge Pack! I've never thought of doing that, but it sounds like a great solution! Thank you!

    First Grade Brain Sprinkles

  12. What a great project--the kids' creations are priceless! I like how the project required careful planning, yet it was so interest based and unique to them in the end. Thanks for sharing this--something to think about doing before the year comes to an close... Love your photo comparison between your spring break and your kids. I have enjoyed my time off this past week, yet I am looking forward to seeing all of those smiling faces come tomorrow a.m. :0)

    All the best--
    Sarah @ Hoots N' Hollers

  13. What an awesome packet! Your students are SO lucky! I need details on that resort STAT!!!

  14. Denise that pack looks amazing. The kids must have an absolute blast creating their dream bedroom! I LOVE IT!

    My kids are always shocked to learn I NEVER had a TV nor a phone in my room. I'm riding that same Geritol/Centrum Silver train. :D

  15. Oooh -- pass the Geritol! I was recently telling my kids about record players and a couple of them excitedly shouted, "Records! I've HEARD of those! They're those big, black, shiny CDs,right?!" :o)

  16. I really want to do this, purchased the packet but need help making the pyramid-type foldable.


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